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What's In Store For Drums N Bass Music In 2021?


Drum N’ Bass or DnB is a fusion music and it has similarities with Jungle style music. You can trace the origin of DnB music to reggae, jazz, hip-hop, house and techno. In the UK, the rave scene contributed significantly to the creation of DnB. Fundamentally, DnB is similar to electronic music, but more emphasis on drum and basslines, as well as with a much more accelerated beat. This makes DnB most suitable for night-time outdoor events and nightclubs. As Britain’s answer to American hip-hop, DnB will continue to be an influential music genre and here are a few things to expect from it year:

What's In Store For Drums N Bass Music In 2021?

New Styles- as an electronic dance music, the success of Drum and Bass is due to its ability to draw from various music styles across different racial backgrounds. DnB moves past the ethnic barriers, resulting in its flexibility. Top DJs of DnB music have the freedom to get inspired by music styles from various cultures. DnB music will never be stagnant and we will see many new styles in this genre.

Appeal More To A New Audience- there will be more interest, because DnB is a genuinely unifying form of music. For loyal fans, DnB remains interesting due to its ability to remain fresh and relevant and it will attract new fans. There’s a great deal of dedication among DnB DJs and each has signature beats that we can recognise. For each individual listener, the sounds of DnB are unique, with strikingly different sounds and features.    

More Appearance On Radio- for DnB and other electronic genres, radios offer an excellent way to expose the general public to the latest tracks. Despite the constant reinvention and changes, DnB continues to thrive. Both traditional and Internet radios will contribute to ensuring the continuing success of DnB genre. Constant creation is crucial for the evolution, growth, and improvement of a music genre, which are things that DnB music embodies. Radio stations offer an affordable way for the audience to listen to the latest tracks and compilations. Regardless of where you are, it’s easy to listen to an online radio from London or other European cities that focuses primarily on DnB tracks. DnB DJs may stay ahead of the curve by working with local radios.

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