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Is Vinyl The Best Medium For Dance Music?


Trends and fads are affecting our lifestyle choices, including our music preferences. Although vinyl records are less convenient than digital medium, they are growing in popularity. Today, vinyl records are among the many intrinsic symbols of the dance music culture. The return of vinyl records is driven by DJs, labels, and dance music enthusiasts across the globe, and it is known by many as the best medium for dance music.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some reasons why vinyl is the best medium for dance music:

Excellent Audio Quality- MP3 format was made when digital storage space was still at a premium. Songs in WAV format won’t fit in a MP3 player with only 256MB storage at the time. Although smartphones with 256GB storage are commonplace these days, audio files still need to be compressed to speed up file transfer and save space. Vinyl records are lossless and what you hear from them are the closest to the masters. You can hear subtle details that artists added to the track. Dance music enthusiasts and audiophiles can easily notice difference between vinyl and compressed MP3 songs.

Higher Value- although you might have thousands of dance music tracks on your laptop or smartphone, they are essentially worthless. It is very easy for us to get digital forms of dance tracks from the Internet. On sites like eBay, Vinyl LPs sell for £15 or more, depending on condition and rarity. If you are investing in a dance music record from early 1980’s, its value will slowly increase over time. 

Better Experience- for artists, DJs and fans, vinyl records are a source of nostalgia that reminds them of a younger time in their life. If you enjoy listening to dance tracks, the overall experience will be a lot better with vinyl records. The higher audio quality and the tactile feel of vinyl records are at another level. When going to a local music store, it is likely to find a curated selection of dance tracks, both old and new. The relationship between physical interaction and art is complex. Digital music is intangible and there’s something missing, if you only listen, but do not touch.

Better Way To Support Artists- whether they are well-known or aspiring dance music artists, buying vinyl records is a way to support them. Many new artists and DJs struggle to make money unless they get invited to live events. CDs are cheap and it’s even cheaper if you purchase streams of dance tracks. If you love the work of a dance music artist, consider spending £20 or more on their vinyl records at your local music store.

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