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Is Jazz Music Back On The Rise?


Jazz is a highly blended and complex form of music. Rooted from Afro-American, folk, classical, and swing music, jazz music is rich in improvisation. Depending on the musician, jazz could sound sophisticated or basic, avant-garde, or down to earth. Jazz primarily emerged from the Black American communities. In its early days, jazz was a tightly arranged and well-composed swing offered primarily on vinyl. It could be played as a group, but very often we encounter very influential jazz soloists. By its very nature, jazz allows a range of expression. Both jazz singers and instrumentalists are seen as highly innovative. 

The Jazz Age ended in 1929, with the outset of the Great Depression. Since then, the popularity continued to decline, especially after the emergence of rock and roll and pop music. Even so, jazz remains among us and musicians have tried to catch the attention of the music audience with varying degree of success. In the 21st century, jazz is often seen as an older or more classic form of music, but it is gaining in popularity once again.

Jazz Music Back Is On The Rise

In recent years, a younger audience continues to listen to jazz music and certain groups of young people are developing an interest in jazz. Newer fans of jazz music are consisted of the following:

The Listener- many young listeners are getting disillusioned by pop and other mainstream music genres. People in their late 20’s and 30’s are looking for alternative music styles that match their age. It’s the kind of music that they want to enjoy with a cup of coffee while working. Listeners among this age group are developing a serious appreciation for jazz.

The Aficionado- these people are developing an appreciation of all kinds of music. They may listen to classics, rock, pop, and jazz. They enthusiastically discuss artists and music genres. They are knowledgeable enough to critically comment on musical compositions. Thought not actual experts, their knowledge in music is admirable.

The Musician- many talented young musicians regularly play and compose. Millennial musicians are turning heavily into jazz because it could become a rich source of inspiration. Young musicians are often fascinated by how structured and complex jazz can be.

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