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Nepumuk - The chaos

Ear sight

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Format: EXCLS-10
Catalogue No.: ES004EP
Release Date: 9th July 2021
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B

Chaos has always preoccupied us - as a species and as an individual. Almost exactly two thousand and seven hundred years ago, the Greek old-schooler Hesiod wrote: "Verily, chaos arose first and then the earth ...", a colleague corrected that chaos is not born, but is causal. But how do we react to these realizations? Good question With the new 10 ″ from Nepumuk you will not be the man or the master of the chaos, but you will not care. On twelve tracks in 27 minutes, the Nepumuk clearly shows that the chaos is okay. Not because it is cool or would be desirable, but because it is the existential basis of every punchline. Those who sit bring perspective into chaos - relate it to the prevailing reality until it becomes clear that chaos and the reality of life are one and the same: Unfortunately not okay.

Tracklist 10 ″: 1. intro 0:40 2. pure 2:43 3. the chaos is alright 2:16 4. bedroom view 2:41 5. white on the moon 2:37 6. problem zone 2:08 7. swarm stupidity 2:23 8th bikini figure 2:24 9th expert 2:02 10th ignorant group formation 2:24 11th dreamer 3:02 12th outro 1:10

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