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MARTIN DUPONT - Hot Paradox (reissue)

Minimal Wave

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Format: 180 gram vinyl LP
Catalogue No.: MW081
Release Date: 02 Oct 2023
Genre: Coldwave/Synth

Martin Dupont was a French collective of immense talent originally founded by Alain Seghir in Marseille in 1980. Seghir called upon several different collaborators across the collective's career including the likes of Beverley Jane Crew, Brigitte Balian and Catherine Loy and all of them managed to tune into the same creative frequencies while serving up music that was colourful, enthusiastic, delicate, melancholy, and mysterious. Their seminal 1987 album Hot Paradox now arrives via a first-ever reissue on Minimal Wave and is one that transcends a tag as simple as new wave with its vibrant and emotive, sombre yet bright sounds that have made it something of a modern cult classic.

Side 1
1. "Full Moons & Mouths"
2. "Hot Paradox"
3. "My Analyst Assez"
4. "Pressure"
5. "Berlin Wall"
Side 2
1. "He Saw The Light"
2. "Inside Out"
3. "I Never Tried"
4. "Where To Find It"
5. "Like A Lion"

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