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Yuka Kitamura and Noriyuki Asakura - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Original Soundtrack) [4LP]

Laced Records

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Format: 4LP
Catalogue No.: LMLP108
Barcode: 5024545913613
Release Date: 11th December 2020
Genre: Soundtrack

LP tracklisting
A1. Sekiro, The One-armed Wolf
A2. Rebellion
A3. Emma the Physician
A4. Ashina Reservoir
A5. Divine Heir of the Dragon's Heritag
A6. Knife's Edge
B1. Ashina's Crisis
B2. Sculptor of the Dilapidated Temple
B3. Ashina Outskirts
B4. A Shinobi's War
B5. Strength and Discipline
B6. Serpent Valley
C1. Great Serpent
C2. Gyoubu Oniwa
C3. Hirata Estate, Dragonspring River
C4. Approaching Forces
C5. Up In Flames
C6. The Phantom Lady Butterfly
C7. Ashina Castle
D1. The Ashina Clan
D2. Genichiro Ashina
D2. Sunken Valley
D4. Snake Eyes
D5. Guardian Ape
D6. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo
D7. Seekers
E1. Altered Form
E2. Folding Screen Monkeys
E3. Children of Rejuvenation
E4. Mibu Village
E5. Thirsting Horde
E6. Apparitions
E7. Corrupted Monk
F1. Incursion
F2. Lone Shadow
F3. Gentle Blade
F4. Isshin Ashina
F5. Great Shinobi
F6. Fountainhead Palace
F7. Okami Lineage
G1. Great Colored Carp
G2. Old Dragons of the Tree
G3. Divine Dragon
G4. Overrun
G5. The Red Guard
G6. Demon Of Hatred
H1. Conspiracy
H2. The Owl
H3. Sword Saint
H4. End Of A Vicious Struggle 

LP FORMAT DETAILS: Pressed on heavyweight 180g black vinyl. These will be housed in spined inners sleeves that slip into a deluxe Wibalin wrapped case.

The clans of Activision, FromSoftware, and Laced Records have come together to release the majestic music of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on deluxe quadruple vinyl.

Set in a fictionalised 16th Century Japan, players take on the role of the shinobi Wolf in trying to protect the young Divine Heir Kuro from the remnants of the Ashina clan. Progression requires a mastery of stealth combat and extreme precision while battling some of From’s most iconic boss encounters to date. No one forgets the first time they bested Genichiro atop Ashina Castle...

The CD and vinyl sets feature 50 tracks by lead composer Yuka Kitamura (Bloodborne, Dark Souls III) and co-composer Noriyuki "α" Asakura (Tenchu series.) The dramatic score features traditional Japanese instruments, orchestral and choral elements, and outlandish, mysterious sounds that transport listeners to a war-ravaged Japan during an alternative history Sengoku period.

All music has been specially mastered for their respective formats. 

Original sleeve artwork was created by illustrator and concept-artist Anato Finnstark (DeviantArt profile.)

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