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Young Knives - Barbarians [LP]


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Format: LP
Catalogue No.: GADZOOK108LP
UPC: 5053760059417
Release Date: 4th September 2020
Genre: Indie

1. Swarm 
2. Society for Cutting Up Men
3. Jenny Haniver
4. Red Cherries
5. I Am Awake 
6. Holy Name ‘68
7. Barbarians
8. Sheep Tick
9. Only a God
10. What I Saw

Young Knives will announce their fifth album, Barbarians, to be released on 4th September 2020. The announcement will be accompanied by a single, ‘Sheep Tick’, and its extraordinary video. 

Barbarians was written, recorded and mixed by Young Knives (brothers Henry Dartnall and The House of Lords) in their studio near Oxford, UK. John Gray’s book Straw Dogs inspired the brothers to dial into the ultra-violent, brutal nature of human beings. Our progresses in science and knowledge have not made us any less barbaric: our entertainment is obsessed with it, our world is full of it. 

What if cruelty to others is just part of who we are? How do we live with that? 

Building on a base of loved hits from their early work last decade (Voices of Animals and Men, Superabundance, Ornaments from the Silver Arcade) and the metamorphosis of 2013’s Sick Octave, Barbarians is a leap into sonic experimentation by a band who love to confuse and entertain in equal measure.

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OTHER ACTIVITY: https://youngknives.tumblr.com/ 

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