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Format: LP + BOOKLET 
Catalogue No.: KAZ002
Release Date: August 2020
Genre: Experimental

1 Delar Ama Catola Añunas
2 Les Tanto Muibarols
3 Cuyon Chaseño Kazhuca
4 Narello Docazul Racoon
5 Jesu Varellon Mute
6 Añalna
7 Nalaña

Music made with samples from Latin-American 78 rpm records. A mesmerising mix of old and new, taking the soul of the music and people of the continent to create a timeless space of free flowing sounds and structures. Limited edition, released by Kazemat records exclusively on vinyl. Includes a photo booklet and a cover by artist Pieter Bijwaard.

Vinkepeezer (Ivo Bol) builds his tracks by creating new compositions out of existing materials, inspired by the history of tape music and sampling. For his latest album All Kinds, he used samples from the remarkable collection of Latin-American 78 rpm records that KLM captain Lucas de Ruyter van Steveninck collected during his travels from the 1950s to the 1980s. For Vinkepeezer all sounds are special: the hum of the fridge, or the noise of the record just before the song starts. He performs his music using his body and mind to manipulate these sounds with light sensors, touch, gesture or brainwaves. Improvisation, live mixing and happy accidents are important parts of the creation of his free flowing, organically structured music.

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