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Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold - Voices / Having Fun

Blue Velvet

  • £12.58
TERRITORY: Worldwide
RELEASE DATE: 29th May 2020
Genres: Disco, Funk, Nu Disco

Track Listing
A. Aldo Tamborrelli – Voices (VSHOG Special Version)
AA. Stefano Torossi – Having Fun (VSHOG Special Version)
Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold is the musical adventures of Gerry Rooney & Joel Martin. They have a rich musical history with Gerry Black Cock Records & Joel Quiet Village.

Aldo Tamborrelli – ‘Voices’ (VSHOG Special Version)

VSHOG present their official special version of this highly desirable hidden treasure of hypnotic electronic sleaze excavated from the cult soundtrack to a 1983 Italian ‘Apocalypse Now’ cash-in, and transform it into an 8 minute erogenous bump n’ grind trip to the twilight zone torture garden, cruising leather boys & fetish girls looking for Love in all the wrong places !

‘Voices’ is a narcotic synthesised masterpiece of body music to completely immerse your dark desires on the dancefloor. A dark risqué world of crisp chugging drum machines, mesmerising warm bass pulses, and the erotic wails of seductive screams in the night !

Stefano Torossi – ‘Having Fun’ (VSHOG Special Version)

The VSHOG version of 'Having Fun', from Stefano Torossi's 1974 album 'Feelings' (a holy grail of Italian library music) is an uplifting lush orchestral string laden funky breakbeat feel-good track to raise your vibrations!

Opening with a chunky stripped down drum & bass intro, the strings entice you further in & then the Disco Funk Psyche guitar riff really lifts the track to the sweet spot & you are completely hooked! A beautiful piece of music for all occasions - Balearic Sunsets/Sunrise, Disco dancing, B-Boys and Hip-Hop heads, Jazz Dancers & library music connoisseurs!

Another fantastic offering from the VSHOG Special Version series of releases.

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