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VARIOUS - Gonzo Goa - Party Music 87’- 94’


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Format: 2 x Vinyl - Compilation, Gatefold + Poster, 2023
Catalogue No.: SMI002
Release Date: 15 May 2023
Genre: Techno, New Beat, Post Punk, House, Acid

Sound Metaphors and Transmigration explore the early underground Goa party scene with a 2x12” compilation. A collection of Techno, Italian-House, New Beat and Post Punk all heard on the same dancefloors amongst Goa's tropical beaches during the late 80's and early 90's. What is now understood as Goa Trance was once preceded by an amalgamation of many different genres smuggled to Goa in tape format by true music devotees that filtered through all that was being produced in the West shaping a unique dancefloor sound that could only pertain to the “Special Goa Music” genre. Sound Metaphors teams up with Transmigration and journalist, DJ and first hand witness of the scene at hand - Ray Castle – to present a meticulous body of research into the sound signature of that unique scene. 11 highly sought after tracks presented in a double LP gatefold format with an A1 poster insert and insightful liner notes by Ray Castle. A tracklist so lush, your discogs wantlists will forever be grateful – buy on sight. “Everything about the Goa counterculture was illicit. The music from vinyl was bought with black market money and bootlegged onto cassettes and backpacked to India. Collectors and DJs would swap, dub and edit it, for free parties. The music was disseminated tape-to-tape by a clandestine traveller clique of ragtag party makers. This highly coveted ‘Special Goa Music’ contained a vibe—a brain-infesting vibe—capable of triggering apotheosis-like states for dosed up dancefloors, only possible for sunrise Goa parties in nature, in India.” - Ray Castle

Side 1
1. Mindfield - "Saturnalia 4"
2. Apostolis - "Clock Croc" (House Quickly mix)
Side 2
1. FUSE - "FU2" (Re edit)
2. Peyote - "Alcatraz"
3. Psyche - "The Saint Became A Lush"
Side 3
1. Man With No Name - "From Within"
2. Zen - "Solar Data" (extended Tribal mix)
3. Francesco Farfa & Joy Kitikonti - "Beat Control" (Siena mix)
Side 4
1. Public Relation - "Eighty Eight" (instrumental)
2. Ghostdance - "Ghostbeat" (New Beat mix)
3. Chris & Cosey - "Exotika" (12" mix)

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