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Various Artists - Tom Moulton: Spring Event [CD]


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Release date: 10 Sep 2021
Formats: CD 
Label: Jamies
Catalogue Number: JAMGUY3038CD 
Barcode: 647780303824 
Genre: Disco / Nu-Disco

Brand New Tom Moulton Exclusive mixes
It's June 2020 and I'm on a video call with Tom Moulton. We're in the middle of a worldwide pandemic but life for Tom Moulton hasn't particularly changed a great deal. He's effectively been in self-isolation for most of his life wedded to the two things he likes most in life, namely, music and cats.

I've known Tom for almost 50 years. The first 20 of those years were spent listening to Tom's mixes, and I listened to everything he did (including all the un-credited stuff) and quickly realised he was the master. I wore all those 70s Trammps albums out very quickly. The dynamic on all those mixes was really off the scale. I eventually met Tom when I did Salsoul Mastercuts in the early 90s. Little did I realise I'd be working with the guy forevermore.

Over the last 30 years I've been fortunate enough to work with him on a variety of projects and all of them were fantastic experiences. Tom's what I call an original creative and the whole art of mixing is a very emotional thing for him. It made for some long conversations. We fall out all the time but I'm always there for him and he's always there for me. It's one of those annoying Master-Servant relationships. Plus I always need access to his archives.

Anyway Tom got access to the Spring/Event vaults and then started working. This project started almost four years ago and, typically in this day and age, went through a number of mutations and delays. We're lucky it's finally here.

I still listen to everything that Tom does. These mixes bring out aspects of the songs that I never properly listened to before and, in a couple of cases, had never even heard. Thus is the art of the creative remixer.

It's been particularly poignant talking to Tom throughout this pandemic. Tom is really the last survivor of his type. A master-craftsman using 80 years of skill and knowledge and who is every bit as passionate today, surrounded by his cats and computers, as he was in the 60s, surrounded by a coterie of young and adoring music fans.

Nothing's changed. He's already looking at Volume 2. Enjoy!

1. Spanish Hustle ' (Tom Moulton Mix) - THE FATBACK BAND
2. 'No One Else Will Do ' (Tom Moulton Mix) - RONNIE WALKER
3. 'Tom The Peeper ' (Tom Moulton Mix) - ACT I
4. 'Baby, You Got It All ' (Tom Moulton Mix) - STREET PEOPLE
5. 'Going Through These Changes ' (Tom Moulton Mix) - JOE SIMON
6. 'Breakaway ' (Tom Moulton Mix) - MILLIE JACKSON
7. 'Love Vibration ' (Tom Moulton Mix) - JOE SIMON
8. 'Don't Send Nobody Else ' (Tom Moulton Mix) - MILLIE JACKSON
9. 'You've Got To Try Harder (Times Are Bad)' (Tom Moulton Mix) - RONNIE WALKER
10. 'Friends Or Lovers' (Tom Moulton Mix) - ACT I (Raeford Gerald)

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