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Various Artists - Spring Snow

Mirae Arts

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Format: LP
Catalogue No.: MA006
Barcode: 5904224871031
Release Date: 02 Sep 2022
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Drone / Noise

Tom Ravenscroft premiered Gonima's track, Euphoria, on his BBC Radio 6 show (4/8/22) - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0015tjh
Alex Ruder premiered Sawako's track, Yumemi Light, on his KEXP show (4/10/22) - https://www.kexp.org/djs/dj-alex/
AVYSS Magazine feature of Spring Snow (Japan) - https://avyss-magazine.com/2022/04/11/35217/

The Wire Magazine premiered Gaël Segalen's track, The Bed of Wewa, on ResonanceFM - https://www.thewire.co.uk/audio/on-air/james-gormley-presents-adventures-in-sound-and-music-64591

Spring Snow is a compilation of eight leading experimental artists from different cultures and musical backgrounds who were asked to freely reflect on the word, nostalgia.

The word, nostalgia, in particular comes from the Greek nostos (homecoming) and algos (pain), which are reflected on both sides of the record.

Li Yilei's SHI, meaning 'time' in Japanese, sets the stage with its free-form synth notes and traverse rhythms. The listener is then presented with a memory of an orchestra, conducted by Lucy Liyou, leading to euphoric moments from Sawako and Gonima.

The latter half explores the melancholic and sometimes painful side of nostalgia and youth. Forest Management opens the journey with a late-night rumination, which seems to loop endlessly. Jiyoung Wi, from South Korea, reflects on her birth and upbringing, and leverages her own voice to narrate the story.

Things take a deeper turn with Gaël Segalen's The Bed of Wewa, which paints a rougher picture with its noisy soundscapes, pounding synth notes, and synthetic voices. The trip concludes with Evicshen's rumbling and noisy track, titled Inguinal.

* Artwork design by Steffany Tran

* Mastering and lacquer completed by Frédéric Alstadt
* Sleeve printed on heavy reverse cardboard
* Housed in PVC bag
* PR Campaign & Coverage by Goodchild PR (https://goodchildpr.com)

* Tracklist:

Side A:
A1. Li Yilei - SHI
A2. Lucy Liyou - Philadelphia Orchestra Is Playing Ravel
A3. Sawako - Yumemi Light
A4. Gonima - Euphoria

Side B:
B1. Forest Management - Seven Years Ago
B2. Jiyoung Wi - White on White
B3. Gaël Segalen - The Bed of Wewa
B4. Evicshen - Inguinal

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