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Various Artists - Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1961 [2CD]

Rhythm And Blues

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Format: 2 x CD
Catalogue No.: RANDB038CD
Barcode: 5060331750796
Release Date: 24 Mar 2023
Genre: Alternative

Now available at a much cheaper price. 1960 may have been the year that Instrumentals hit the charts in a big way, but it was in 1961, that their hold on the hit parade was consolidated with a good number of guitar or sax-led rockers and slinky organ groovers. These are the discs that teenagers wanted to hear in the juke joints: exciting, uptempo stompers with catchy, melodic riffs, and slow, soulful, down-home blues. Our compilation throws the spotlight on instrumentals by artists who are more widely associated with vocals, along with more obscure musicians who may only have one or two releases to their name. We hope you enjoy these grooves and if you like what you hear from 1961, just wait till you find out what was on offer in 1959, and in 1960!

Disc 1 1. Sen-Sa-Shun Freddy King 2. Cha Cha Cha Blues Phil Upchurch 3. This Morning Albert King 4. Rockin’ Wild Earl Hooker 5. Nothing But Good Reggie Boyd 6. Congo Bo Diddley 7. Sack O’ Woe The Mar-Keys 8. Comin’ Home Baby Herbie Mann 9. Wash Board - The Poor Boys 10. Trackdown Twist - Ike Turner 11. Moo Moo - Al Tousan 12. El Paso Rock - Long John Hunter 13. Caravan - The Red Tops 14. Showdown - Nat Kendrick 15. Cross Firing - James Brown 16. Mashing The Popeye - B.B. King 17. Freddy The Freeloader - Cleanhead Cootsie 18. Do The Camel Walk - Magic Sam 19. Slow Freight (Pt. 1) - Bill Elliot Combo 20. Slow Freight (Pt. 2) - Bill Elliot Combo 21. Off The Road - Gus Jenkins 22. Congolese Tip - Renaldo Jackson 23. The Push - Hank Marr 24. Rowdy Dowdy - Googie Rene 25. Weird - Albert & Charles 26. Truly - Eldee Young 27. Cooter Bug - Dave Hamilton 28. Feedbag - Mac Rebennack 29. Black Cherry - Spot Barnett Disc 2: 1. Dyna Flow - Albert King 2. Rockin’ With The Kid Earl Hooker 3. Let’s Rock - Johnny Otis 4. Good Times - Mac Rebennack 5. The Stumble - Freddy King 6. Blue Carnegie - Jimmy Reed 7. Rattlesnake Boogie - Jack Dupree 8. The Hawk - Freddy Robinson 9. Big Bo’s Twist - Big Bo Thomas 10. Red River Shuffle - Haze Hart 11. Ram Bunk Shush - Hank Marr 12. Don’t Touch - B.B. King 13. Why Don’t You Do Right - Herbie Mann 14. Hangout (Pt.1) - Sonny Thompson 15. Hangout (Pt.2) - Sonny Thompson 16. You Can’t Sit Down (Pt.1) - Bill Doggett 17. You Can’t Sit Down (Pt.2) - Bill Doggett 18. Get It - The Parkays 19. Watusi Freeze (Pt.1) - Big Walter 20. Watusi Freeze (Pt.2) - Big Walter 21. The Chicken Twist - Herb Hardesty 22. Lonesome Harmonica - Ace Holder 23. The Squat - Big Jay McNeely 24. Night Walk - Jimmy Forrest 25. Midnight Shuffle - Jump Jackson 26. Jamil (Pt.1) - Daddy Goodloe 27. Jamil (Pt.2) - Daddy Goodloe 28. Way Down Home Blues - Elliott Shavers 29. Night With Daddy G (Pt.1) - The Church Street Five 30. Night With Daddy G (Pt.2) - The Church Street Five

More From This Artist: Bill Doggett Ace Holder Al Tousan Albert & Charles Albert King B.B. King Big Bo Thomas Big Jay McNeely Big Walter Bill Doggett Bill Elliot Combo Blues Phil Upchurch Bo Diddley Cleanhead Cootsie Daddy Goodloe Dave Hamilton 28. Feedbag - Mac Rebennack 29. Black Cherry - Spot Barnett Disc 2: 1. Dyna Flow Earl Hooker Eldee Young Elliott Shavers Freddy King Freddy Robinson Googie Rene Gus Jenkins Hank Marr Haze Hart Herb Hardesty Herbie Mann Ike Turner Jack Dupree James Brown Jimmy Forrest Jimmy Reed Johnny Otis Jump Jackson Long John Hunter Mac Rebennack Magic Sam Nat Kendrick Reggie Boyd Renaldo Jackson Shun Freddy King Sonny Thompson The Church Street Five The Mar-Keys The Parkays The Poor Boys The Red Tops

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