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Various Artists - Kniteforce Complete Collection Volume 4

Kniteforce Records

  • £25.47

Format: USB Drive
Catalogue No.: KFZ09
Barcode: 0792816528372
Release Date: 11 Dec 21
Genre: Old School Hardcore

* Over 100 tracks in WAV and MP3 format on 8 gig USB drive inside a CD digipak case, shrinkwrapped and barcoded

The Kniteforce Complete Collection Volume 4 does exactly what it says on the box, giving you the full Kniteforce Vinyl releases of the tracks from KF61-KF80, fully remastered, in both Wav and MP3 format. These tracks have NEVER been released on the digital stores, and until now have never been avaialbel in any digital format. All the tracks here are from the beginning of the new vinyl era, and as such feature some of the names that have made themselves in recent years, such as Mannik, Nicky Allen and Shadowplay, not to mention tracks from old skool masters such as Hyper-On Experience, Billy Bunter and The Fat Controller, right beside Kniteforce’s legendary roster of Dj Ham, Dj Force & The Evolution, Luna-C, Alk-e-d and many more…

KF61 - Cru-l-t - Baby / Oh Yeah / Baby Breaks
KF62 - Kingsize & Vibena - Got To Have It / Hot Temptation / Now My Selecta
KF63 - Luna-C - I Got This / I Need You / The Light
KF64 - Luna-C, Jimmy J & Cru-l-t, Dj Ham - Piano progression (Scott Brown Remix) / Ool Lortnoc (Ant To Be Remix) / It Would Be (Luna-C Remix)
KF65 - Dj Force & The Evolution, Future Primitive, The Trip - Fall Down On Me (Bunter & Sanxion Remix) / Ban This (Nicky Allen Remix) / The ‘Erb (Scartat Remix)
KF66 - Alex Jungle - The Need In Me / 5th Season / I Cant Explain / Elevated
KF67 - Luna-C, Scartat, Gothika Shade - Ammo Bag (Luna-C Remix), Grave of Fireflies (Luna-C Remix), Piano Possession, Technical Shmecnical
KF68 - 2 Croozin, Dj Poosie, Alk-e-d, Dj Force & the Evolution - Code Red (Fat Controller Remix) / Its Gonna Be (Justin Time Remix) / Shining Bright (Dj Jeph Remix) / High On Life (Saiyan & Cru-l-t Remix)
KF69 - Luna-C, Cru-l-t, Richie Whizz - Free As The Sky (Hyper-On Experience Remix) / Snow In Summer (Alex Jungle Remix) / Song Of Angels (Shadowplay Remix)
KF70 - Sanxion, Nicky Allen, TNO Project, Mannik - Waiting On My Feelings / All The Time / The Orphanage / Sounds From Hell
KF71 - Luna-C - Into Insanity / Back To Cause Mayhem / Black Static / Alice
KF72 - Idealz - Run The Tune / Icebreaker / War On Jungle
KF73 - Mannik - I Need A Man / Dream Logic / Computers Are Taking Over The World / Everything Is Getting Dark
KF74 - Alex Jungle - Dance & Hover / Believe In It / Mutant Effect / What Are You Made Of
KF75 - Future primitive - Right Now / Double Axle / Safety Catch (Alex Jungle Remix) / Yellow Twinkie No. 6 (Luna-C Remix)
KF76 - Shadowplay - Calling Me / I Need Time / Born Again / Angel
KF77 - Sanxion - Gettin It / The Science Of The Clams / Always Waiting / Scopin For Love
KF78 - Dj Ham - Most Impressive / The Chicken Tune
KF79 - Shadowplay, Ant To Be, Luna-C & Saiyan, Paul Bradley - 1234 / Demogorgon / My Kinda Rush / Fat Hands
KF80 - Luna-C & Saiyan - I Need You / No Errors / Old Skool Heaven

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Jay Cunning, Ray Keith, Nookie, El Hornet, Billy Bunter, the Fat Controller, Liquid, Hyper On Experience, Glowkid, Slipmatt, Dj Jedi, Dj Luna-C, Dj Brisk, Jimni Cricket, Bustin, Sc@r, Doughboy, Saiyan, Dave Skywalker, Ponder and many others

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