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Format: 2 x LP
Catalogue No.: BB416LP
Barcode: 4015698827736
Release Date: 31 Mar 2023
Genre: Kraut-Rock

Christoph Dallach, Andreas Dorau and Daniel Jahn present Echo Neuklang, a compilation which explores the question of how Krautrock has influenced generation after generation of musicians since its inception. A contentious genre at the best of times, the music within its spectrum is essentially intangible. The common thread running through it is a compulsion to seek out the new.

Beginning in the year 1981 and extending as far as 2023, the music in this collection demon-strates how the idea of what passed for Krautrock in the 1970s has been interpreted or rein-terpreted by a diverse array of artists with distinct approaches in the decades which followed, without recourse to any generic conventions.

A: Goodness, I’m freezing, it is wintertime in 2019. Here we sit, smoking in a railway station bar to discuss our compilation and the irksome topic of Krautrock. Such a stupid word, Kraut-rock. The three of us all agree on that, do we not?
D: Indeed we do. There’s no rock in Krautrock.
A: Rock‘s just as stupid, we can agree on that as well!
C: Not one of the interesting, so-called Krautrock bands has anything to do with rock.
A: The million dollar question has to be: what is Krautrock anyway? I would say that Krautrock is a genre whichdefies description. Think about the rhythms, the music, the instrumentation, there are no recurring elements at all. It must be the freest genre of all time.
D: The only common denominator is that it’s free music, different music, neither experimental in the classicsense, nor is it pop or rock.
C: There has never been a “Krautrock sound” as such, it’s more of a unifying attitude, a drive to search for something genuinely new. That’s how it was back in the early 1970s.
A: It was an attempt to find “other” music! But has it crossed into this millenium, is that same s pirit in evidence in newer music?
C: Absolutely, like the the music on this compilation, because it is so hard to classify.
A: So what do we call it?
D: Neo-Kraut?
A: I like it, you’ve left out the rock.
D: And so the story continues.

01. Stefan Thelen & Olek Gelba - Der Weg Nach Innen (Außen)
02. Burnt Friedman - Platin Tundra
03. Haindling - Weite Welt
04. Conny Frischauf - Lichterloh
05. Moebius & Renziehausen - Hydrator
06. Deutsche Wertarbeit - Deutscher Wald
07. Kreidler - Winter
08. Workshop - Eskapade
09. Love-Songs - Love-Songs gegen die Zeit
10. To Rococo Rot - Took
11. Härte 10 - Cosmos Annie
12. Schlammpeitziger - Schlafatemwagen
13. Rheingold - Strahlende Zukunft

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