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Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation U [6LP Purple]

Cocoon Recordings

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Format: 6LP BOX SET
Catalogue No.: CORLP055 
Barcode: 4251804140614
Release Date: 22 Dec 2023
Genre: Electronic/Techno

Limited Vinyl Box Set including 6x purple 12” vinyl & download code.

Long-awaited, finally Cocoon Recordings is back with its renowned Cocoon Compilation.

The iconic series continues with the 21st edition “Compilation U” and brings top-notch artists together as usual, providing zeitgeist and versatile sound. From deep and hypnotic techno beats to uplifting and euphoric melodies, there is something for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned clubber or a casual listener, this album is guaranteed to get your heart racing and your feet moving.

New Jackson conjures a beautiful beginning into existing with a spheric acidic micro house opener. Melancholic harmonies combine with spacy "Acid Jackson" vocoder parts while the bouncing sequence gives this track an exceptional unique mood. A musical journey that could go on forever. Next up is German house legend Ian Pooley. “DDG Talk” offers distinctive funk with a deep grooving rhythm. Synth parts ring out like tightly stretched rubber bands and you can literally hear Ian’s love for special analog curiosities. Complex modulations add to the charm of this piece and lead to a nifty production with a certain vintage charm. Sweet vibes that fit almost any moment. The impulsive deep tech track “Il Rotori” then welcomes us to the circus ring and shows us the attraction of the virtuoso. Grinding hi-hats shake up and down alongside progressive sequences to form a cloud of happy frequencies. A sweet memory that lifts the energy of the moment and is reminiscent of a sunset on a beloved island.

DJ Tennis smoothly takes us to the next phase with a warm musical embrace. The bassline with Italian flavor grooves true to form, recalling the early 2000s. The perfect accompaniment for a sundowner. Shimmering zap sounds, hitting stabs, and energetic vocals that command us to “Take It, Take It” as we will for sure! Drumcomplex & Frank Sonic get things rolling with “Lacalute” serving hypnotic shaker patterns and a charismatic synthesizer sequence. Sven has already been playing this tune on heavy rotation since the beginning of the year. So, let’s head off on a thrilling trip with lightspeed. Get on the high-tension lift, next stop: peak time! The wild ride continues with a remarkable techno track from Michael Klein, primed to fill the main floor with a significant sound pressure level. “Time Warp” is a warehouse monster that offers a powerful bassline groove, a booming bass drum, and pulse-width synth madness, so time appears to move unpredictably.

Motoring on, a UK Rave 90s breakbeat rhythm – brought into the future with the perfect zeitgeist. Benjamin Damage is a hardware lover without a doubt, his machines seem to be an extension of his soul, which can be clearly heard in his sound. “Light” appears in wonderful harmony, and the blissful string sounds beam us out of the galaxy. Magical female vocal parts add the final touch, Benjamin did it again right down to the last detail. Balm for the soul from Levon Vincent, this tune is made for open air. The melancholic energy fluctuates between hope and summertime sadness but leaves us with a warm and fuzzy feeling. We reach a high energy level due to the radiant synth hook line and the pure 909 techno beat gains the underground feeling of the track in contrast to its comprehensiveness. Coming up next is “Cold Tuning” by Space Dimension Controller. It’s a timeless sci-fi saga, nostalgic and futuristic at the same time. Dreamy synth pads take us into another world and dimensions quickly rush by. A beautiful and touching atmosphere evolves, and the slightly off-key sensual string harmonies are predestined to generate emotions. A fast floating 808 kick expedites the spaceship beyond infinity. Mission accomplished!

Entering the final stage, no one less than Orlando Voorn spreads happiness all over.
Orlando’s particular shuffle rhythm paired with alien reverbed synthesizer stabs form the basis of “Samurai”. But the outstanding feature is especially the noisy gritty bit-crushed synth hook line in connection with energetic and graceful vocal samples. As the penultimate, Marco Faraone & The Florentian Cabaret serve a playful and harmonious composition with 80s charm, which clearly stands out from their independent releases. Lovely organ sounds are layered with shimmering Roland-Jupiter-like synth pads, bringing everybody back together on the dance floor in the morning hours. To close things out, of course, we need an after-hour vibe provided by a stripped-down minimalistic groove from Fango. “Betta” invites you to close your eyes and let yourself go due to its hopeful carpet of sound and love designed to stimulate your soul. It’s a deep immersion in emotions and the perfect ending for this year's compilation.

Experience the magic for yourself, each track takes you on a journey through different emotions and moods, leaving you breathless and wanting more. From the moment you press play, you will be transported into a world filled with pulsating beats, hypnotic rhythms, and mind-bending soundscapes. But what makes this release truly special is its ability to surprise you at every turn. Just when you think you have heard it all, a new track comes along and blows your mind. Compilation U is a seamless blend of cutting-edge production and timeless musicality. “U” like ultimate music collection that will transport you into a world of pure sonic bliss.

Tracklist :
1. (A1) New Jackson – Acid Jackson (DE-Q20-23-00017)
2. (B1) Ian Pooley – DDG Talk (DE-Q20-23-00018)
3. (C1) Jakob Reiter – Il Rotori (DE-Q20-23-00019)
4. (D1) DJ Tennis – Take It, Take It (DE-Q20-23-00020)
5. (E1) Drumcomplex & Frank Sonic – Lacalute (DE-Q20-23-00021)
6. (F1) Michael Klein – Time Warp (DE-Q20-23-00022)
7. (G1) Benjamin Damage – Light (DE-Q20-23-00023)
8. (H1) Levon Vincent – Waiting (DE-Q20-23-00024)
9. (I1) Space Dimension Controller – Cold Tunings (DE-Q20-23-00025)
10. (J1) Orlando Voorn – Samurai (DE-Q20-23-00026)
11. (K1) Marco Faraone & The Florentian Cabaret – Uni-Verse (DE-Q20-23-00027)
12. (L1) Fango – Betta (DE-Q20-23-00028)

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