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Various Artists - Black Solidarity Presents Dance Inna Delamere Avenue [LP]

Black Solidarity

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Format: LP
Catalogue No.: BSLP003
Barcode: 5060135762155
Release Date: 02 Dec 2022
Genre: Dub Reggae

During the eighties dancehall era, a number of record producers claimed to be the real authentic sound of downtown Kingston but Ossie Thomas’ Black Solidarity label, operating out of Delamere Avenue in the heart of the ghetto, was the real deal.

“Black Solidarity was a youth club in the Kingston 13 ghetto in a road named Crescent Road and it was a Rasta come up with the name Black Solidarity. But through the political violence a get high man start to spread rumours saying Black Solidarity a go gets guns to go kill off people and it’s a revolutionary Cuban thing we’re there ‘pon! A lot of people used to go away to Cuba and we called them brigadista. So, through it was in a PNP area man start spreading rumours saying the PNP a go plan to send the whole of Black Solidarity to Cuba and them all turn brigadista!

So, the rumours kinda mashed up the club! But we held on to the name and said, ‘we’ll give you a record label named Black Solidarity’. So, after that I talked to the Rasta who coined the words and he said, ‘I have to rate you’ and me say ‘why?’ and the man say, ‘Black Solidarity is a struggle and you realise that’ and me say ‘Yeah… me realise’. So, we take it up serious and deal with it and make it work! You know what I mean?” Ossie Thomas

There was no safe uptown haven to retreat to after work had finished but, after growing up in the deprived Kingston neighbourhoods of Denham Town and Jones Town, Ossie Thomas had nothing to be afraid of.

“This was the start of the seventies when the political rivalry got heated between the JLP and the PNP and the shots start fire… you know. Mum got scared and said she’s going to get a safer place for us to live so she moved up into the hills of St. Andrew… then six months after she died! Can you imagine that? She’d gone to the safest place and died there. From that me just go right back to Kingston… I said to myself ‘don’t be scared… if you’re gonna die you’re gonna die’. From that me not scared of Kingston… me just say to myself ‘my mother scared of Kingston and run and left Kingston’ but through me just live there all of my life on any street downtown me just feel comfortable.” Ossie Thomas

This album provides an insightful glimpse into life in these unforgiving Kingston neighbourhoods describing not only the poverty and desperation but also how, at times, styles, fashions and the cathartic joys of music and the dancehall could transform this harsh, unforgiving environment into one of joyous celebration.

1.Get Ready – U Roy
2.Bubble Up – Linval Thompson
3.Bad Minded – Triston Palmer
4.Rebel Girl – Robert Ffrench
5.Coche/Cochy – 3T 1F
6.Bad Boy Fi Dem (disco mix) – Little Kirk
7.Let Them Prosper – Al Campbell
8.Funny Tricks – Early B
9.Cool Youth – Jolly Stewart
10.Gwaan Go Dance – Lover Boy
11.The Siren – Phillip Frazer
12.Dance Inna Braeton – Sassafras
13.Each One Teach One – Sammy Dread
14.Gun Fire – Tony Chin*
15.Ghetto Man Skank – Frankie Paul*
16.That Girl – Little John*
*CD Bonus Tracks

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