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Various Artists - Belong To The Wind

Forager Records

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Genre: Folk/Psych/Country
Format: LP
Catalogue No.: FORLP001
Release Date: 9th June 2021 (back in)

Featuring a selection of songs from rare 45s of the 1970s.
First release from Los Angeles based sound sleuths Forager Records.
10 restored and remastered tracks from 10 obscure American artists.

Official re-issues of never before compiled songs, exclusive to Forager Records * Original hand-drawn artwork by Callum Rooney (Non-returnable)

For all those who relate “maybe to the wind, because they can feel it or dirt because they can touch it. But nothing else.” Like Bobby Cornett (aka Shane), we are all trying to find where we belong.

Belong To The Wind marks Forager Records’ debut release: A lovingly curated collection of crooning psychedelic folk and soul songs gathered from American 45s of the 1970s. The compilation features 10 songs from 10 different acts, each with an indelible story of love, loss, loneliness, and an unrelenting desire to shed the confines of routine existence.

Meet a man named Denny Fast, perched behind a tobacco-stained piano in a smokey Michigan lounge. He’s singing of the faded memory of distant hope and better times past. Listen to a portrait of the heartless Texan, told in arrestingly angelic prose by Connie Mims of St. Elmo’s Fire. Contemplate with Snuffy, the honest musings of a failed and misunderstood outsider, daring to hope for change.

Belong To The Wind aims to shed light on the more opaque cuts of these brooding artists. Many of these songs were recorded at the early stages of a career, at a time when experimenting and searching are pursued with reckless abandon. As a result, these songs are aggressively honest and uncompromising. Many have a distinct sense of the lo-fi DIY variety. Others are polished in production. Some are minimal, tentative and vulnerable. What all of these songs share, is a transportive quality. An uncanny ability to take a captive listener on a search for the soul, and a journey into the bellowing fields of easy reflection.
Sit back and enjoy a soft trip through the hazy milieu of a loner’s mind.

Autumn Dust - Spend Another Day, Cisco - Oh Man, Snuffy - I Wanna Change My Life, Jeff Laign - Anticipation Of The Sun, Hemlock - Never Be The Same, My Partner In Crime - For Debbie, Denny Fast - Tuesday Morning Monday’s Feeling Gone, Caballero Brothers - Time For Us To Part, St. Elmo’s Fire - The Lady Has No Heart, Shane - I Belong To The Wind
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