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Trentemoller - Into The Great Wide Yonder

In My Room

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Format: EXCL2LPA
Catalogue No.: IMR02LP
Release Date: 11th June 2021 (back in)
Genre: Minimal/Tech House

We are proud to present ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’, the second album of Anders Trentemøller and the follow up of the highly succesful ‘The Last Resort’ (2006). Just like his debut, which struck a chord with new audiences all around the world, ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’ is a truly remarkable album, offering as much depth and soul as it’s predecessor, yet sounding ultimately fresh and different. Above all, the ten tracks show an artist that’s willing to take risks, find in- spiration in new places and move beyond the sound of his previous album. Trentemøller: ‘Of course I didn’t want to make the same record twice. So the album is for me a logic development from ’The Last Resort’’. Instead he just started to collect new ideas, without thinking too much about the direction the music would take him: ‘The only thing I knew was that I’d want the music to sound more organic and analog.’ Compared to the intimate electronic mood pieces of ‘The Last Resort’, the ten tracks on the new album indeed have a more strange, mystic and dramatic vibe, with a lot of dynamics, distorted, driving twang- guitars, real and electronic drums mixed with haunting synths. With ‚Into The Great Wide Yonder‘ Trentemøller is not only exploring new moody and atmospheric universes, but combines his sense for glorious soundscapes with a firm melodic and tonal touch. The original chord progressions and feel for melodies is fundamental to him, and that‘s also the reason why most of the instruments are played by Trentemøller himself on this album. ‚I like the possibility to be surprised that chords and melodies change into something new. The music that I like most lets the themes and sounds come back in different disguises‘. The Danish multi instrumentalist and producer shows an unexpected talent for finding vocalists that fit the mood of his songs. The first single of the album, the beautifully tender ‘Sycamore Feeling’, featuring Marie Fisker, is a typical highlight. In fact, all the vocal tracks ar

IMR02LP in the media
Feedback: “

If you, like yours truly, have an inclination for goodies, you will be delighted by the incredibly

beautiful, almost classical, tunes Trentemøller has produced It’s stunning!

Into the Great Wide Yonder is not an album you devour fully at fi rst. With or without

success, it‘s no secret that Trentemøller carries the insatiable curiosity of a true artist

in his DNA – and that makes the future look promising. The front cover photo of enormous

ash clouds from an active volcano is hardly a random choice but based on the

soloist’s almost unstoppable creative force. In spite of his great success, Trentemøller

has no intention of maintaining status quo by making use of style-consistent artistic

effects, but lets his curiosity about music take the lead. Thereby he has taken a giant

leap forward, and I hope his fans are prepared to do the same

(Klaus Lynggaard, Information)

Expectations were high for Anders‘ sophomore artist album, but even we weren‘t expecting

it to be this good. A clean, serene 60-minute soundtrack to the best fi lm David

Lynch never made. Stunning. (Mixmag)

It‘is more than just a progression on the theme; it‘s a great leap forward. (Bandweblogs)

More organic and warmer than everything else you‘ve heard from Trentemøller so far


The energy that he spreads with the new album is strong enough to move objects


The second studio album marks a „comeback” that could not have been more coherent

(MTV Germany)

The doomy Danish disco producer cuts sharp beats with creepy operatic vocals that

goths will like, industrial clubbers will love and the rest of us will just fi nd fascinating.

Step Into The Great Wide Yonder and get lost all summer. (Dazed & Confused)

As much as I hate the whole “analog is waaaaaaaarmer” thing, gotta say in this case

it does show. (Tim Gilmour)

A solid, unmistakably piece of Trentemøller, which we deserved since a long time

(Electronic Beats)

Dramatic instrumental music, sounds like cracking tectonic plates

(Bayerischer Rundfunk)

This is an interesting release from a producer keen to showcase his diverse musical

taste and mastery of his craft, and he defi nitely shows it with eclectic changes in

genre and feel. Highlights include the ethereal and quite disarmingly acoustic ‘Neverglade’

with Guillemots singer Fyfe Dangerfi eld, and the meandering ‘...Even Though

You’re With Another Girl’ which has an addictive Portishead vs Depeche Mode feel

to it. (Groupie)

Into The Great Wide Yonder continues the soundtrack-y feel of The Last Resort,

but plays down the bleeps in favour of more guitar, much of which has that familiar

Lynchian twang. (The Music Fix)

It‘s a wonderful example for the unconstrained amalgamation of different worlds

which want to get together: There are dreamy playful ramnifying 4AD-Finegold-Folk

(„Neverglade“), which never let you guess it‘s Trentemøller, a track that picks up on

the morbid oscillaton of the last Portishead-LP („Past The Beginning Of The End“)

and the thoughtful „Sycamore Feeling“, on which it‘s not Polly Jean Harvey singing

(but the similarily evil tempered Marie Fisker), but it still sounds as if it would belong

to Harvey‘s „Is This Desire?“ (Der Spiegel)

It is both extremely alarming and incredibly beautiful, and one’s ear is just about to

fall off in sheer awe of how Trentemøller manages to unite all elements in one seamless

fl ow. (Berlingske Tidende)

It‘is more than just a progression on the theme; it‘s a great leap forward. (Bandweblogs)

It‘s an album that keeps growing and crawls even deeper under your skin the more

you listen it (Spielemagazin/Piste)

It‘s an album which departs a long way from the last, but one which will surely prove

just as successful. (Soon Night)

One is caught in a sonic vice for the complete album length of 54 minutes. Because

‘Into the Great White Yonder’ is as old fashioned as a regular album experience,

where each number grows because of the context they enter into. (Ekstra Bladet)

Something beautifully haunting, This chill‘s a thrill. (Instinct)

Sultry, glacial, and wildly expansive, this is the latest mind-bending textural masterpiece

from the Danish electronics whiz (RCRDLBL)

The highlights are many on this album, where Trentemøller underlines what a visionary

musical talent he is. (Soundvenue)

The peak is „Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go !!!“ which piles up oversteering noise-guitars,

who seem to fi ght against a stunningly organic big beat. That sounds loud, very

loud, but it‘s so good in an almost painfull fashion. A if the Chemical Brothers meet

with Ennio Morricone to play Folksongs (CNet)

The result is a vibe somewhere between a nuclear explosion and picnic in a mystic

fairy tale forest (Computerbild)

The second album is another milestone, that even tops the debut (Plattentests)

The songs are like still lifes turned into music or soundtracks to surreal shortmovies

(Schleswig Holstein Zeitung)

With “Into The Great Wide Yonder” Trentemøller plants a monumental monolith into

the solitude Pop-landscape (78s)

This is an ambitious and elegantly it‘s self-expressional possibilities exploring entity.

..“This massive album causes a bloat even if only listening it occasionally. Trentemoller

isn‘t afraid to be melodramatic. Many climaxs are underlined big time but that‘s

nothing to be complaining about. Into The Great Wide Yonder has a strong and

serious suction in it, that resists time. (Desibeli)

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