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Tommy Womack - 30 Years Shot To Hell: A Tommy Womack Anthology [2LP]


  • £37.42

Cat. no: LPSMR071
Format: LP2
Barcode: 634457062368
Release Date: 28 Oct 2022
Genre: Rock

"Tommy Womack has been a revered and fearless leader among his generation of fellow artists and kindred spirits for a long time now

Even the stories he makes up are true" — Todd Snider."Tommy Womack is a multihyphenated treasure: what you get when you put Keith Richards, Billy Graham, and Hunter S. Thompson in a blender and turn it on high." — Marshall Chapman, author of Goodbye, Little Rock and Roller and They Came to Nashville"One of Nashville's fnest singer-songwriters. For round pegs in square holes everywhere." - John Hiatt

LP2 Tracks: Willie Perdue / The Highway’s Coming / Yellow Cling Peaches (with Government Cheese) / Cold Wind (with the Bis-quits) / Angel / It’s Been All Over Before / The End of the Line / A Little Bit of Sex / Nice Day / Everything with You / Too Much Truth (with Daddy) / She Ain’t Speaking to Me / Fish Stick Day (with Government Cheese) / You Can’t Get There from Here / Betty Was Black & Willie Was White / You Could Be at the Beach Right Now, Little Girl / Camping on Acid (with Government Cheese) / Martin Luther (with Daddy) / Sweet Hitchhiker / Positively Na Na / Nancy Dunn / 25 Years Ago / Pot Head Blues / Vicky Smith Blues (with Daddy) / Christabella Wilson / The Replacements / I’m Never Gonna Be a Rock Star / Alpha Male & the Canine Mystery Blood / I Don’t Have a Gun / Wishes Do Come True / The Urge to Call / Skinny & Small / Guilty Snake Blues / A Cockroach After the Bomb / Whatever Happened to Cheetah Chrome? / Too Much Month at the End of the Xanax / Come on Back to Bowling Green (with Government Cheese) / Johnny Bought a Ring / I’ll Give You Needles / Feel Beautiful / If That’s All There is to See / They All Come Back for More

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