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The Falcons - The Definitive Falcons Collection (The Complete Recordings)

History Of Soul

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Format: 4CD
Catalogue No.: SOUL020CD
Barcode: 5060331750352
Release Date: 12th February 2021
Genre: Soul

Repressed for the first time in ages! Mid 50s Detroit was a hotbed of teen talent, all aspiring to sign a recording contract, get famous and buy a big car. Scores of young black vocal groups practiced their harmonies in stairwells or under street lamps, dreaming that one day their time would come. The Falcons were one of these but because of their gospel background and thanks to the guiding influence of manager and mentor, Robert West, they went on to become the first soul group. Who knows: if Eddie Floyd, Mack Rice, Wilson Pickett/Joe Stubbs, Willie Schofield and Lance Finnie had stuck together, they may well have rivalled other Detroit super groups such as the Temptations and Four Tops for success. This 4CD set brings together all known recordings by the original Falcons, along with alternate takes, guest appearances, cover versions and songs musically supervised or written by members of the group. Solo recordings by group members are also included from 1956 to 1963, the time they were recording together. The set is also, in a sense, a history of soul itself, showing how the genre develops from its early stirrings in doo-wop, taking in R&B and gospel along the way and culminating in two of the very first records that can definitively be described as soul: the Wilson Pickett-led tracks Take This Love I’ve Got and I Found A Love, the first two tracks on this compilation. Sleeve notes by Keith Rylatt (author of Groovesville USA: The Detroit Soul & R&B Index)

Tracks : Disc 1 The Classic Falcons & Solo 45s. 1. Take This Love I’ve Got 2. I Found A Love 3. I Don’t Want No Part Time Love 4. Just For Your Love 5. I’ll Never Find Another Girl Like You 6. You’re So Fine 7. That’s What I Aim To Do (45rpm) 8. You Must Know I Love You (45rpm) 9. Country Shack 10. I + Love + You 11. Workin’ Man’s Song 12. Pow! Your in Love 13. Anna 14. Billy The Kid (45rpm) 15. You’re On My Mind 16. Let’s Kiss and Make Up 17. Swim 18. Lah-Tee-Lah-Tah 19. Darling 20. She’s My Heart’s Desire (45rpm) 21. Feel’s Good (sic) (45rpm) 22. Set My Soul On Fire 23. Let Me Be Your Boy 24. My Heart Belongs to You 25. Keep On Loving Me 26. What’s My Destiny (45rpm) 27. The Whip (45rpm) 28. Will I Be The One 29. Baby I’m Coming Home // Disc 2 The Lupine Tapes: 1. (I Don’t Want No) Part Time Love 2. My Baby 3. You Killed The Love (extended mix) 4. Tell It To My Face 5. She’s My Heart’s Desire (mono mix) 6. I Ain’t No Cryin’ Man 7. I Got A Feeling 8. You’re On My Mind 9. I’ll Be Home 10. I’m Depending On You 11. You’ll Never Change 12. The Whip (mix) 13. Feels Good (mix) 14. A Deed To Your Heart 15. Billy The Kid 16. What’s My Destiny (extended mix) 17. She’s My Heart’s Desire (stereo mix) 18. You’ve Got A Friend 20. I Tried 21. I Got The Blues 22. Hey Hey 23. What to Do (45rpm) 24. The Swim 25. Anytime Anyplace Anywhere 26. Since You’ve Been Gone 27. I Am So Tired 28. Lonely Nights (45rpm) // Disc 3 The Later Falcons plus Demos & Covers: 1. Fine Fine Girl 2. Oh Baby 3. Has It Happened To You Yet 4. Lonely Nights 5. Love The Way You Walk 6. Never Find Another Girl Like You 7. She´s My Heart´s Desire (demo) 8. Whose Little Girl Are You 9. That’s What I Aim To Do (alt mix) 10. You Killed The Love (45rpm) 11. So Pretty Baby 12. What To Do (stereo mix) 13. We Met In A Dream 14. Lonely 15. Since You’ve Been Gone 16. Stick By You 17. You’re So Fine 18. He’s So Fine 19. I Found A Love 20. I Found A Love 21. Short & Nappy 22. Lonely Nights (alt mix) 23. Round & Round 24. I Am Her Yo Yo Man 25. Lonely (alt mix) 26. People Gonna Talk About You 27. What To Do (mono mix) 28. Skinny Girl 29. I Found A Love (Demo) // Disc 4 The Early Falcons: 1. Baby That’s It 2. This Day 3. Sent Up 4. Can This Be Christmas 5. I Wonder 6. Something Hit Me 7. Love At First Sight 8. This Heart Of Mine (Kudo) 9. Romanita 10. Searching For You Baby 11. Baby Won’t You Change Your Mind 12. Please Don’t Leave Me Dear 13. No Time For Fun 14. (When) You’re In Love 15. Juke Hop 16. Girl Of My Dreams 17. Let It Be Me 18. This Heart of Mine 19. Hurry, Arthur Murray 20. Chicky Chop Chop 21. Goddess Of Angels 22. You Must Know I Love You (Added brass mix) 23. You’re Mine 24. Wonderful Love 25. Waiting For You 26. The Teacher 27. When You’re In Love (Big piano mix) 28. You Must Know I Love You (Big bass mix no tambourine) 29. That’s What I Aim To Do (twist beat)

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