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The Chain Gang of 1974 - Honey Moon Drips

Fever Ltd

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Format: gatefold heavyweight red vinyl LP
Cat: FVR2
Barcode: 3760300311332
Released: 28th August 2020
Genre: Indie

A1 - Honey Moon Drips
A2 - Do You Mind?
A3 - Giving It Up
A5 - The Hurt Is Good
A6 - Fervor
A7 - Times We Had
B1 - I Think We Need To Sleep
B2 - Philosophy Of Love
B3 - Bends (ft. TWINKIDS)
B4 - Champagne Saturday
B5 - 4AM, Still Lonely
B6 - Such A Shame

LP FORMAT DETAILS: Pressed on heavyweight red vinyl, in a gatefold sleeve

“Honey Moon Drips was never supposed to happen. I was fully convinced that the Chain Gang Of 1974 was no more. That initial drive and passion I had when I started this project in 2006 seemed to disappear. Throughout my career, I had depended on the record labels to guide me in the right direction and decided l that if I ever did make another album again, it would have to be on my terms.

After a lot of life experiences, major ups and downs, and an encouraging phone call with a friend, I found that need to begin expressing myself again through this outlet. From there, the idea of this body of work was conceived.

Deciding to release this album via my own label Fever Ltd. gave me complete freedom. I knew who I wanted to work with (producers range from Nathaniel Motte of 3OH!3 to Jason Suwito of SirSly), and I knew what it was supposed to sound like. After a year of writing and recording, a 13 song record which perfectly displays where I am today as a 34 year old man was created. A record which is more toned down when compared to my other albums, yet even more striking. A record that is extremely honest, cohesive, and displays my influences perfectly.

Honey Moon Drips is exactly what the Chain Gang Of 1974 is supposed to be today. Almost 14 years in and I'm the most excited about this band than I ever have been. There are instructions on the cover of this album on how to listen to it. I highly recommend following those guidelines and allowing this album to be a part of your heart."

OTHER ACTIVITY: https://www.facebook.com/thechaingangof1974/

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