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The Black Watch - The Morning Papers Have Given Us the Vapours [CD]


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Format: CD
Catalogue No.: EDDA75CD
Barcode: 5051142068880
Release Date: 05 Jul 2024
Genre: Indie/ psych-pop

The Black Watch follow up 2023’s Future Strangers LP on Atom Records with their new album for Dell’Orso now on Ltd CD with the single ‘Much of a Muchness’ released the same day.

‘The Morning Papers Have Given Us the Vapours’ was made with The Black Watch bandmates and producers/engineers Rob Campanella (Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Tyde, The Warlocks) and Andy Creighton (The World Record, Parson Red Heads). Ben Eshbach, formerly of The Sugarplastic, arranged the strings. Kesha Rose guests on lead vocals on the second single, Oh Do Shut Up. And the great Lindsay Murray once again lends her beautiful backing vox to a number of tracks.

“The first ‘More Lies’ is an instant charmer that brims with classic shoegaze and dream-pop hookiness and brings to mind the timeless magic of C86”
- Shindig

“Most of the music comes with a slightly dreamy quality, a perfect match for Fredrick’s lyrics. Some touches of the Cure peak through, but the Black Watch sounds more drawn toward New Zealand or Australia (The Go-Betweens make a reliable reference point)”

- Dusted Magazine - dustedmagazine.tumblr.com

“While his indeed similar to that of Guided By Voices, it’s also kindred in quality as well”
- Rock And Roll Globe video premiere - rockandrollglobe.com/rock/watch

- Magnet Magazine feature - magnetmagazine.com/2024/06/06/

“LA band The Black Watch have a sparkle and a sense of yearning that permeates every note and every song is a stadium filling anthem suffuse with melody and atmosphere”
- Backseat Mafia

“an immaculate run of late-period brilliance that began with 2020’s Brilliant Failures ) is perpetuated on Morning Papers. With aspects of his previous MBV/Go-Betweens-gone-Beatles indie rock paradise remain, the first half feels like a’80s KROQ U.K. fest from days of Robyn Hitchcock, Lucy Show, and post-1981 Bunnymen (“New Brooms Sweep Clean”) transmogrified into Fredrick’s delicious hooks. All excellent—but it’s the second half that really takes off, when Fredrick’s guitar deals more stimulating distortion. Start with the buzzy C86-gone-baroque beauty, “More Lies”; here, Frederick’s melodic powers and poetic soul take flight anew, into the standout, noisier, fantastic “There and Here” (satirizing callousness), then continuing unabated ’til the driving-yet-bass/drums-free closer, “The Morning Papers.” Wonders don’t cease.”
- The Big Takeover

1) New Brooms Sweep Clean 2) Sorry So Far 3) What’s All This Then 4) Almost Words 5) After All Is Sad, Undone 6) More Lies From The Government 7) There & Here 8) In Two Different Ways 9) Much Of A Muchness 10) Oh Do Shut Up 11) The Morning Papers

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