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Format: 7" Vinyl, Book
Catalogue No.: SEC013
Release Date: 15 Apr 2022
Genre: Jazz

· A - Terakaft – Jagwar
· B - Terakaft – Jagwar (Acoustic Version)

Welcome to the fascinating world of Terakaft, one of the most legendary bands from the acclaimed Desert Blues / Tuareg Rock scene that’s been nurturing in the Sahara desert for the last two decades.

A world made of light, dust, goats, tree shadows, gas, tea and fire.

A world where teenagers don’t dream of being footballers but guitarists like Ibrahim of Tinariwen, like Sanou of Terakaft, or like Ousmane of Tamikrest.

A world made of constant stuggles, of war zones, where getting a visa to tour is nearly impossible, where covering your face and head with tuareg turbans to face the desert winds will turn you into a potential islamist when boarding an airplane.

A world that Phillipe Brix knows damn well: he’s been managing those guitar heroes for the last two decades. Jagwar is his coming-of-age story, a tale of resilience, of doom, of family, of utmost tensions and unrivaled peace, the adventure of a life time.

His journey will take you from the deepest deserts of Mali, Morocco and Mauritania to the biggest music festivals all across Europe and America.

"In the desert, the dry air carries sound with clarity"
Philippe Brix

"A Kalashnikov has thirty bullets in a magazine; once you’ve emptied it, it’s over. A guitar has no limits."
Diara, Terakaft


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