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Tempers Fray – Life Slap

Rucktion Records

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Format: CD 
Catalogue No.: RUCK054
Barcode: 5055869583237
Release Date: 2nd July 2021
Genre: Punk/Hardcore

Rucktion Records is proud to present 'Life Slap', the second MCD by West London's TEMPERS FRAY, 7 brand new songs of crushingly heavy and groovy metallic Hardcore. Fans that the band have made through their live appearances around the UK and mainland Europe, or through their debut release '7:15' will in no way be disappointed, as TEMPERS FRAY have not strayed from their formula, and have delivered a relentlessly energetic, explosive and well-written follow-up. What makes TEMPERS FRAY stand out is just how busy and fluid their songwriting is. The band squeeze a lot into songs that rarely exceed 3 minutes, and the 7 tunes on 'Life Slap' lurch from riff to chunky riff, barely giving the listener time to pause for breath and leading to a rich experience sure to invite repeated listens. Apart from the occasional well-placed moment of frantic speed, TEMPERS FRAY stick mainly to choppy and bouncy mid-tempo riffing, also varying the pace by dropping into gigantic grooving parts. This combination is sure to have heads nodding within minutes, and without doubt will prove explosive in a live setting. For those who like to pigeonhole, the band could be placed well into the heavier end of the spectrum, but have much more to offer than one dimensional slow chugging, as shown by the contrast between songs like 'My Mind', a 2-minute burst of rage, and the slower, moodier stomp and groove of 'Undone'. Despite displaying a metallic influence and dark edge here and there, the sense of energy and constant movement that runs through 'Life Slap', in addition to singer Bob's straight up shouted delivery, keeps things firmly in hardcore territory. With 'Life Slap', TEMPERS FRAY deliver a distinctly modern and British take on heavy hardcore. While clearly wearing their influences on their sleeves, the band deliver plenty of personality and conviction in their songwriting and delivery, to carve out their own space and identity in an oversubscribed genre. Groovy and metallic heavy Hardcore from London, for fans of Lifeless, Providence, True Valiance etc.

Track list: 1. Gainsay 2. Wasteman 3. Lockup 4. Life Slap 5. My Mind 6. Undone 7. Hindsight

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