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Space Cadets (Adam Pits & Lisene) - Warp Drive

Planet Euphorique

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Format: 12" Vinyl
Catalogue No.: PE015
Release Date: 11 Mar 22
Genre: Breakbeat, Trance, Techno

A1 - Space Cadets - Warp Drive
A2 - Space Cadets - Warp Drive (Rudolf C's Psychedelic Envisionment)
B1 - Lisene - Moral Panic
B2 - Adam Pits- Mineral Mine

Double Stars; often orbiting in tandem and gravitationally bound together, are usually mistaken as a singular light. An unmistakable parallel to the Space Cadets, Leeds trail blazers Lisene and Adam Pits join in magnetic union for Planet Euphorique’s big 1-5 to showcase their sole vision; superior prog synergy. Warp Drive gets flung into hyperdrive by your local enigma Rudolf C and the B side is a case of nuclear audio fission, splitting the duo so their individual and technical flair can shine. No doubt you’ve crossed paths with something hot on this disc in the encompassing party atmosphere; four straight up essentials for a function of chaos.

The title track breaks in the EP with frisky righteous drums, precision in rhythm; swinging stylishly. Cosmos loom within reach, infinite rolling with baselines built for the long haul; an expertise in tension and release revealed through sonic sweeps and delicate filter explorations. A match made in heaven, Rudolf C has been gliding on similar trajectories; elevating the Warp Drive to a celestial level; the Psychedelic Envisionment accentuating the original's intricacies whilst maintaining the swagged flow and dancefloor steeze. Distorted pulsations and modulations swirl above head to signal the B side split show; driving bass anchoring the higher frequency expeditions, Lisene mastering the spectrum of sounds with Moral Panic and breaking up the 4/4 pursuit. Meanwhile Adam Pits closes things out with an ethereal highway drive; cruising, twinkling and boasting telescopic trance like skills.

A perfectly balanced blend of modern, innovative and familiar, veteran status technological slick hits; you’re in good hands.

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