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SOUND SYNTHESIS - Let The Music Flow


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Format: 12" Vinyl, Double
Catalogue No.: INFILTRATELP02
Release Date: 07 Nov 2022
Genre: Experimental/Electronic

Keith Farrugia aka Sound Synthesis' home base of Malta may not be renowned as electro central, but the consistent stream of superlative releases he's made there under the name Sound Synthesis have certainly put him on the map. In keeping with the floor-aimed functional nature of his tracks, this eight cut selection is a double 12" rather than an album and indeed, wherever you dip into it you'll find iron-cast electro manoeuvres destined to keep feet moving. Check 'DNA Memory' for acid-inflected bounciness with swooping strings, 'Paradox' for Aphex-style moodiness, 'I Guess You Know' for stripped back 80s influences and 'Emotional Response' for wistful heartstring tugging. A valuable addition to any electro DJ's armoury, this set has the right tune for just about every moment you care to mention.

Side 1
1. "Let The Music Flow"
2. "Hidden Realms"
Side 2
1. "Emotional Response"
2. "I Guess You Know"
Side 3
1. "Paradox"
2. "Motor Space Maps"
Side 4
1. "DNA Memory"
2. "Back In Time"
3. "Outro Back To It"

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