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Skatman - Lead Master EP


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RELEASE DATE: 19th March 2021 
GENRE: House, Tech House

A1. Lead Master
A2. Circus Fantasia
B1. It Reigns Supreme
B2. Impulsiveness

On TAU’s second release of 2021, we welcome Skatman to the family. The Berlin-based producer runs his own Scatcity label, making an impact with his deft, emotive touch, enlivening dance floors across the world and finding his way into the record boxes of some of the most influential DJs on the global circuit. More recently Skatman had his debut on TAU via our huge Spektrum 2
compilation in 2020. Now he’s back with a five-track EP to demonstrate the full breadth of his production prowess...

The EP kicks off with ‘Lead Master’, an eyes-down cut with a gruff, menacing riff growling alongside a spine tingling melody. Skatman develops the melody into a chorus of emotionally-charged notations, penetrating your limbic system and locking you into its irresistible rhythm.

As the track evolves, swirling pads add a touch more drama, before we enter a cataclysmic breakdown and the second half.

‘Circus Fantasia’ is next, following on from ‘Lead’ this track emanates a more upbeat mood. The beats gallop along while chirpy effects dance above a groaning bassline. Skatman incorporates bright synth lines that lift the atmosphere sky high. A symphony of sounds collide, juxtaposed with the low end and creating a wonderfully whimsical cut.

Then we have ‘It Reigns Supreme’, a rugged cut with a piston-fueled, industrial heartbeat. The bass wobbles to and fro as punchy beats slap and slam, Skatman carefully building the energy with a range of organic sounding percussive elements giving this one plenty of character. An air of mystery pervades as we edge closer to a searing breakdown. The second half goes harder with the main riff roughed up and taking centre stage.

Next up ‘Impulsiveness’ takes us a little deeper. This track submerges you in its subaquatic depths, as a powerful, dense bassline is surrounded by a striking melody and emotive pads. You can’t help but get lost in its web of bass tones and frequencies. A short break in proceedings is fol- lowed by more of the same, Skatman adding subtle layers to increase the depth of this immersive cut.

Lastly, ‘Talisman’ closes out the EP. Here we’re presented with a hypnotic low end that vibrates and oscillates for around a minute before an equally mesmerising melody comes into play. Together the two elements cultivate an absorbing atmosphere guaranteed to keep you locked throughout. As the track progresses highly affecting layers are added, boosting the emotional aspect and weaving a web of wonder. Close your eyes and drift away into the ether...

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