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S8JFOU - Cynism [CD]

Parapente Records

  • £15.28
Genre: Electronic/UK Garage/IDM/Jungle
Format: CD 
Catalogue No.: PARA013CD
EAN: 3516628328923 
Release Date: 11th December 2020

S8jfou (pronounce "suis-je fou" in french wich means "Am I crazy?") is a young French producer of electronic music. Chosen as a reference to the cynical philosophy, "Cynism" is the second album to come out of S8jfou's creative mind, this time on Rennes's imprint Parapente Music. This new record mixes skillfully UK Garage, IDM, Jungle influences, ambient music, ; and scrolls like a dream trying to escape, leaving through its melodies a message to the eternal children... 

"Cynism" is an self-produced album in a remote hut in the French Alps. In order to fully live his music and to produce it, S8jfou needed to be isolate in a self-built house in the mountains, far from noises and judgments. His electronic compositions are thus freer. Since 2016, he has gained in popularity among the young producers who love analog sounds and sound synthesis in France.

The more alone he is, the more accomplished his albums become : “I discovered how to let go when one is completely alone, to live a trance-like experience when one composes, he says. By living there, I realized we don’t need anything to live. I make fire in the wood stove for heating but also for cooking, I go shopping once a month, a three hours walk away... The rest of the time I create.”

In spite of the young age of the artist, we already feels a lot of maturity and technical mastery when listening to this album. The influence of the master Aphex Twin is never very far away, both in the isolated creative process and in the sound itself. However, S8jfou manages to keep his own and personal style throughout the album.

Tom Ravenscroft I BBC 6 Music I London
Rating : ★★★★☆

Alex Ruder I KEXP 90.3 FM I Seattle
"Unique IDM rhythms here"
Rating : ★★★★☆

Don Rimini I Rinse France
Rating : ★★★★☆

James Cambrian | James Shaw I Noods Radio
"Fuckin boss"
Rating : ★★★★★

Sam Yu I Insomniac Radio I EDC Radio I Los Angeles
"Next level stuff"
Rating : ★★★★☆

* Tracklist LP: 
A1 - S8jfou - See u guys on the flip side A2 - S8jfou - Happy December 13th A3 - S8jfou - L'autotrain avec eux A4 - S8jfou - Analog Things A5 - S8jfou - Digitall

B1 - S8jfou - Mickey under every wall B2 - S8jfou - The oscar monotron solo B3 - S8jfou - Fond memories of youth B4 - S8jfou - Leave this reality B5 - S8jfou - He Od'd on heroin

* Tracklist CD:
01. See u guys on the flip side 02. Happy December 13th 03. L'autotrain avec eux 04. Analog Things 05. Digitall 06. Mickey under every wall 07. The oscar monotron solo 08. Fond memories of youth 09. Leave this reality 0. He Od'd on heroin 11. I miss being a kid

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