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Romain Azzaro - La Vita Non E Un Film

Rotary Phono Lab

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Genre: Electronic/Krautrock
Format: 2LP
Catalogue No.: RLAB001
EAN: 3516628322518
Release Date: 25th September 2020

"La Vita Non E Un Film" is the first studio album produced by multi-instrumentalist Rouge Mécanique under his real name : Romain Azzaro. Conceived as the soundtrack of an imaginary film, this collection of music pieces composed between 2007 and 2020 presents his very own interpretation of rock, blues, classical, ambient and electronic music.

The story begins with « Vvoid », composed on a rainy night with Myako in Berlin, a powerful & cinematic track. Then, his alter ego Rouge Mécanique takes over with « Prelude », « Channel 5 » and « Who Knows About This one » showing his signature style of electro-fueled rock. In the middle of this journey, tracks like « Crewhassan », « Cousu De Fil Blanc » and « Ballet Jelinox » show the more experimental side of his music, and work produced for film scores. This leads us to the 12-minute jam « Above Space 35 », a trippy tribute to the Krautrock scene he loves, and sounds like a lost recording of Pink Floyd’s bluesiest inspirations. The story ends on a more nostalgic note, with the soft groove of « Sea Sex & Salt » and the gorgeous acoustic guitar solo on « Green Line ».

* Tracklist:
A1. Romain Azzaro - Vvoid (feat. Myako)
A2. Romain Azzaro - Prelude
A3. Romain Azzaro - Channel 5
B1. Romain Azzaro - Who Knows About This One?
B2. Romain Azzaro - Crewhassan
B3. Romain Azzaro - Cousu De Fil Blanc
C. Romain Azzaro - Above Space 35 (feat. Jason Bakker)
D1. Ballet Jelinox
D2. Sea Sex And Salt

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