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Ricky Razu & Marc Brauner - Two Of Kind EP

Houseum Records

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Cat No: HSM008
Format: 12" Vinyl
Release Date: 18th December 2020
Genre: House

For the eighth release of notorious Paris based label Houseum, Ricky Razu buddies up with Marc Brauner to deliver a bustling and bumping EP titled 'Two Of A Kind'.

Ricky opens the record with the enigmatic 'Alive', an undeniably groovy track featuring an astral and dreamy feel. He fuses this cosmic ambiance with thoughtful synth work and bumpy house drums, ensuring a track suitable for the peak-hour as well as the late night ride home. Featured on A2 is the lively 'Drift', where dubby chord progressions and sharp synths ride a chunky bassline, delivering a more intense but no less huggable and danceable fist-pumping moment. To finish things off, Ricky comes out with the jazz-flecked and luscious dream house track 'Freefloat', an energetic yet thought provoking affair perfect to wrap up the A-side.

Marc continues with the Bside of the record, as the name gives away already the B1 is an homage to the old school and the way Marc pictures house music from the past while still giving it his own twist and sauce of today. A catchy vocal sample, a bumping bassline, piano stabs and long string notes complete the classic sound arrangement. The floating pad and melancholic melodies of Dinner 4 2 are coming as no surprise for everyone familiar with Marc's recent work. Forward aimed drum patterns are combined with a 303 acid melody that leads thru the track, making it a smooth but still club orientated piece of music. The B3 is the follow up track to 'In A Dream' which was part of Marc's last EP on Houseum 'Sad But Ambitious'. Accompanied by a deep bubbling bass, the drum parts are highly influenced by electro / breakdance music from back then with bleeps, zaps and hits that bring back memories from the 80s/90s."

a1. Ricky Razu - Alive
a2. Ricky Razu - Drift
a3. Ricky Razu - Freefloat
b1. Marc Brauner - Old School
b2. Marc Brauner - Dinner 4 2
b3. Marc Brauner - Day Dream

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