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Private Agenda - Dusk & Dawn


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Format: 12 Inch
Feature: Picture Sleeve
Barcode: 5060202592838
Catalogue No.: NUNS011V
Release Date: July 2020
Genre: Balearic/Downtempo

A1 Dusk
A2 Dawn
A3 Dawn (Faze Action Remix)
B1 Dawn (Ron Basejam Remix)
B2 Dawn (Ian Blevins Remix)

Dusk & Dawn is Private Agenda's most conceptual work to date. Sat at a grand piano, the pair composed two nocturnes over the course of twelve moonlit hours, chronicling the allure and mystique of the night. Building on an emotive pop foundation, developed over releases on International Feel and their own Nightshift imprint, Dusk & Dawn is a deeper sonic exploration that pays closer attention to ambience and sound design.

Dusk is an enchanting take on new wave pop, referencing Talk Talk and early Simple Minds. A drum machine beats a half-time groove while a dusty but characterful synthesizer pulls the track towards it's cathartic dream-pop apex.

Dawn draws on contemporaries like Imaginary Softwoods and Croatian Amor, bringing the listener down to earth into lucidity. Beautiful arpeggios soar over reverse guitars, wistful lyricism is coupled with detailed ambience. A blissful meditation to ease you into the day.

Remixes come from Faze Action, Ron Basejam and Ian Blevins who all add their deft to touch to 'Dawn' and offer up flavors from different corners of the dance floor to this Adriatic / Balearic influenced piece of music.

About Private Agenda
Latin percussion, delicately layered synths, vibrant attire. Soaring pop choruses, a wash of melancholy guitar and a string of singles that could have been long-lost gems from disco's heyday.

Having tastefully crafted their kaleidoscopic sound on a diet of obscure disco divas (Linda Di Franco, anybody?), the complete recordings of Compass Point studios and the hits of the 80s New Wave in the slightly ironic surroundings of a bleak German winter, their debut single, Déjà Vu quickly found a natural home on Mark Barrott's acclaimed Balearic imprint, International Feel. Released in too much acclaim, Déjà Vu / Freefalling premiered on BBC1xtra, before being awarded a 9/10 review in Mixmag (UK). The vinyl sold out in a matter of weeks.

After a live debut at Berlin's Prince Charles nightclub, follow-up single Paralysed (which included a remix from The leading house DJ, Gerd Janson) premiered on BBC Radio 1 before becoming Disco Single of the Month in Mixmag Germany and DJ Mag Italy's Disco 'Money Shot'. Soon after the band would host their own club night series at one of Berlin's leading clubs, Farbferseher before launching their own label, Nightshift of the same name.

With a string of remixes and releases dropping for labels as varied as Mark Jones' iconic Wall of Sound to the exclusive, vinyl-only Tusk Wax, Private Agenda have swiftly proven just as comfortable in the depths of Berlin's underground as amongst pop's leading lights on commercial radio.

DJ Support:

MOONBOOTS - AFFICIONADO I really love a couple of tracks on here. The OG of Dawn is just beautiful but it's even surpassed by the Faze remix. Truly timeless piece of music. The other three tracks are super strong too. Great EP

DOMENIC CAPPELLO - SUB CLUB - Really love the Ian Blevins rmx ,doesn't over complicate the original . The sounds are beautiful on all the tracks .the blevins rmx could be an old tangerine dream track which is a good thing. Really lovely x

KENNETH BAGER MUSIC FOR DREAMS - SOLID PACKAGE A quality release - all tracks are good but I prefer Faze Action.

MARTYN HENDERSON - DJ MAG -. Love it! The Faze Action mix for me! I could review it in January edition out start of December. It's been on rotation since you sent it!

LOGAN FISHER - HAULES BAULES - Beautiful originals are joined by some amazing woozy and dreamy remixes. Ron Basejam nails it for me.

MAX ESSA - What a wonderful record! 'Dusk' (Original) and the Faze Action remix of 'Dawn' are perfect. Can't wait to start playing them!

DJ PIPPI - Yes! Love the Sound of Faze Action! Great Quality Stuff!!

PETE HERBERT - DISCO DEVIANCE Cheers for sending through.Loving the Faze Mix so much.Ron Basejam and Ian's remixes sounding fab here too, please send and will air them in my sets and on my radio show for Sonica.

PIET BLANK - BLANK & JONES Listened to all mixes tracks this morning….really like the music…for me the two original versions are the essential tunes. My favourite would be 'dusk'. i am more than happy to support this beauty! beautiful winter chill.

SEVERINO PANCETTA HORSE MEAT DISCO - Pretty cool stuff,.Great EP. Faze Acion sounds fun. That's the one for me.

PHIL MISON - CANTOMA/ CLAREMONT What a great EP. Faze Action is the one for me. Great EP!

SEAN JOHNSON - ALFOS Oh yes Faze Action for me please

CRAIG BRATELY - MAGIC FEET - Absolutely love the originals and the Ron Basejam.

SEAN BROSNAN - TEN WALLS - I'm a REALLY BIG fan of private agenda and they don't disappoint here. Nice package of remixes too..

STUART PATTERSON - FAITH - MI SOUL - Lovely piece of music in the original forms and a great set of remixers who all do a sterling job especially Faze Action

ALFREDO - Beautiful beautiful lounge tracks..

DAVE HARVEY - FUTUREBOOGIE - Loving the PA release, originals are brilliant and both FA and Basjeam remixes are bloody excellent!

ALEXANDER LAY FAR - What a beautiful release! Loving both originals. Will support on my In-Beat-Ween Music Show!

DANIELLE MOORE - CRAZY P This is absolutely beautiful and positively melancholy. I am maybe bias in LOVING Ron Basejams mix of Dawn but its where my emotions are taken when listening to it...unfortunately to a beach that Im not on. The selection of mixes is just perfect...each offering something very comforting and unique yet all vert Balearic. Please snd me tracks asap...Im going to carry on developing a lump in my throat listening to this now ..

BOBBY BEIGE - Really lovely this E.P the original Dawn is probably the pick for me here but i love the Faze Action remix too,in fact all the remixes are pretty damn good a solid package !

DEAN SMITH - SOULSHARE - Lovely stuff! What I like about this release is, as a whole it highlights the obvious talents of the different selected producers. Each mix has its own identity and take on the lovely originals, of which Dawn is my favourite - I bet Phil has accomponied that Bali sunset with that one a good few times - a perfect match, just need to source a sunset for the winter myself now haha!

JOE MORRIS - CLANDESTINO This is really really great. One of the strongest Private Agenda things I've heard. Hard to pick a stand out track, both originals are excellent and all the remixes are stellar I'll find a space to play them all. Will feature one of them on KMAH next month and put me down for a review on ibiza Voice. Big ups to Sean & Martin and respect to Phil for putting a solid package together.

KELVIN ANDREWS Absolutely brilliant! Totally loving this! This is OUTSTANDING! The original ambient styles and Faze Action remix are doing the business but it's ALL great! RECOMMENDED!!

JASON BOARDMAN - AFFICIONADO -When you have solid original versions I usually shudder at the thought of the 'remix' project, quite often a few half arsed insipid versions aiming at a different market. The mixes on this ep have been lovingly crafted & pay homage to the vibe of the original whilst adding a few contemporary twists.
My favourite is Ron Basejam's classic take which effortlessly moves from a deep and funky Beatless spacey wig out to some cool jazzy drum action.Top stuff.

REBECCA VASMANT - BBC RADIO SCOTLAND Wow! Yes this is lovely.5 Please could you send me the digitals and I will pass onto my shows at BBC!

ANDY WILSON - SONICA IBIZA Loved the glossy 80's sound of their Int Feel release , but these are perfect for my sunset sessions ,very beautiful .

TIMM SURE - COYOTE - Faze action mix is so great, all round great piece of work.

BRADLEY LUCKE - CUT & SHUT DISCO Loving these. The Faze Action remix its a proper blissed out balearic beauty - love it! Ron Basejam remix has some mighty fine dancefloor action both killer and would defiantly play these.

DAVID PICKERING - ONE MILLION SUNSETS - I love these dudes. A late entry for sunset tune of the year'

LEE FOSS - LIZARDS, LAST WALTZ - I'm into all the mixes on here...lovely EP!

STUART ROBINSON - Super solid package. Loving the Ron Basejam mix the best. Really up My street!

PETER LEUNG - Loving the Faze Action mix. Jim's one too. GREAT EP.

BRUCE TANTUM - What a great EP. Particularly the Faze Action.

Really liking the "Faze Action" Remix as it feels more spacious and the guitar is more present in the mix . This release has a nice balance to it and all the remixes would work .

MIKE BEE - VINYL DREAMS SAN FRAN -LOVING this release! "Dawn" is my favorite among the originals - need to make an early morning mix with this in it ASAP - but the Faze Action & Ron Basejam (HUGE FAN) mixes are going straight in my sets for sure. Lush, funky, intricate & tailor-made for me :) Ian Blevins' mix is great as well - a really, really fantastic release 10/10 and I'll be supporting it in full!

BILLY CALDWELL - NYC - Loving this EP!! The two stand out for me here are the Faze Action mix which I would definitely play at my bar gigs in the city and the Ron Basejam that would feature in the early part of my club sets.

JUSTIN PENNEY - BOX FREQUENCY -This is something different - Dusk definitely has influences of Talk Talk - It could be a remix from The Colour of Spring - with dare I say a vocal that is Erasure-esque? The standout track for me. Subtle remixes from all 3 of Dawn - this is a chilled out winner - Intelligent, proper music for grown ups!

GORDON KAYE - Thanks for sending Dusk and Dawn. The whole EP oozes quality and the Faze Action remix will definitely go straight into the set. 9/10

SCOTT FERGUSON - ROBOT 84 - Superb EP from Private Agenda balearic heaven, with added bonus of three stunning remixes, Faze Action does it for me.

ANDY TAYLOR - WE ARE THE SUNSET - Have had a couple of listens to all 5 tracks this evening - it's such a great ep. Both original tracks are lovely pieces of music - am especially feeling the piano and vocals on Dawn. Of the 3 remixes I'm going with Faze Action's interpretation of Dawn. Sounds great played loud and it takes me straight back to Tisno. Another strong release on Phil's label, and lovely artwork too. An ace package all round.

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