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Porest - Cancer in the Soft Breeze


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Genre: Electronica / Field Recording / Experimental
Format: LP
Catalogue No.: CREP81 
B/C: 5055869562645
Release Date: 27th August 2021

Contemporary and historical Porest recordings channelled from behind the somnambulistic event horizon. The now sound... The bleak oblique. The minimal and the maximal. Filmic chamber drones, meditative radio massage and forged spiritual violence bury pop ephemera into the swirling murk of de facto instrumental nihilism and orchestral context-free drama.
Side A: A harmful journey into sickness and despair. You get sick and die.
Side B: You are healed. You stand erect and live forever.
Layered field and radio recordings back electro-acoustic experiments via electric saz, strings, balypso, reeds & synths. Big drones, small ensembles and mood-anthems recorded by Porest and friends between 1995 and 2020 in West Oakland, Germany, Sumatra, Syria, Hanoi and London.

Mark Gergis: bağlama drama, balypso, bass, breath density, edits, electronics, gravel, horn, hot volume, foley, glass, moroccan fiddle, site-recordings, organ, percussion, pulse wash, radios, recorder, reverb, synthesizers, tapes

Jerry Blue: electric guitar - No Terracotta Relief
Heco Davis: clarinet - Liminal Treason, saxophone - One Million Dollars
Erik Gergis: washtub bass & brushes - One Million Dollars, synth -(Terlok), accordion - Liminal treason
Peter Valsamis: co-arrangement/production & percussion - (Terlok)
Jeremy Wilson: Marimba - One Million Dollars

A1. Time of the Lesion
A2. Debis
A3. No Terracotta Relief
A4. Ludent
A5. Us Against Me
A6. loboll
A7. One Million Dollars
A8. Tumoré
A9. Permanently Imminent
A10. (Terlok)
B1. Final Response
B2. Wings of Deception
B3. Cancer in the Soft Breeze
B4. Plebeian Crawl
B5. Liminal Treason
B6. The Grat Indoor
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