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Petit Prince - Les Plus Beaux Matins [LP]

Pain Surprises

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Genre: Indie / Pop
Format: LP
Catalogue No.: PS033LP
B/C: 3516628315718
Release Date: 16th October 2020

Belgium :
Le Soir : Album Review, (2 stars / 3)
L'Avenir : Album Review, (3 stars / 5)

Germany : 
Playlisted on Byte FM, RBB Radioeins, FluxFM, Radio Jade, CT Das Radio, 
GROW Magazine: Review
Kulturenews: Review
Na Dann Munster: Review
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Playlisted on Radio Nova, France Inter, Europe 1, FIP, Radio Campus

Reviewed by Telerama (3 stars / 4), Liberation, Manifesto XXI, Modzik, Les Inrocks, Greenroom, Konbini, Tsugi, Jack

Les plus beaux matins’ (“The most beautiful mornings”), Petit Prince’s first album will be released on September 9, 2020.

It’s a declaration of love to the morning which frees him from his insomnia and his anxieties. Every morning means to him a new birth when everything can happen and the quest of something true and genuine can begin.

Petit Prince shares his emotions in an album of a dancing and saturated pop, tinged with psychedelism between the sweet madness of Unkown Mortal Orchestra and the intensity of the productions of Pond or King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

In his texts, Petit Prince talks about the love he shares and receives from his loved ones, a happy love, a mix of little moments of happiness that we always remember and that make us stronger. Those moments are his best allies for him to go through life smoothly.

Endors Toi ("Fall Asleep"), the first track sets the scene and the mood of the album. It’s a way to face his insomnia and could sound like a lullaby for everybody in the same situation. The soaring voices at the end of the song appear like a sweet madness caused by his incapacity to find the inner peace.

Chien Chinois (Chinese Dog) is a love letter to Josephine, his sharpeï, who stands aside in the good and the bad days like a solid rock on which he can always rely.

Tendresse sur Canapé (Tenderness on a sofa) is a simple and beatiful evocation of happy moments spent with his girlfriend. He expresses a universal feeling of cosiness on powerful and catchy synth gimmicks. If you listen to these songs just after falling in love, you could definitely have goosebumps.

JSP (the french acronym of I Don’t Know) is Petit Prince’s confession about the troubles he has to give a meaning to a meaningless world and find his path into it. In the verses, he describes his daily feelings about his role on Earth and questions himself about how to he could actually make a change but he ends up repeating in the loop « Je Ne Sais Pas (I don’t know) » in the chorus: a way for him to shout out how hard it is for him to find out the answers he is looking for.

Even if some themes may sound melancholic, this album is - before anything else - a call for love, happiness, and warm feelings. If you are happy, listening this record will make you happier. And if you’re a bit wistful, your mind will be more peaceful.

A1. Endors toi
A2. Tendresse sur canapé
A3. Chien Chinois
A4. Club Med 2002 ou 2003
B1. Pas tout à fait presque
B2. Les amis de mes amis
B3. Conte Breton
B4. Maman 67
B5. Tombe dans mes bras
B6. Les plus beaux matins

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