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Origin Unknown/Shimon & Andy C - Truly One / Mission Control / Quest / Night Flight (1995/96)

Ram Reloaded

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Format: 12" Vinyl
Catalogue No.: RAMM01417EP2  
Release Date: 12 Aug 22 (back in)
Genre: Jungle/Drum & Bass

‘Truly One’
‘Mission Control’
‘Night Flight’

* 12” vinyl, 3mm spine sleeve, inner black bag, 180Gsm

* Following on from the success of our 'Liftin Spirit Reloaded' vinyl series, we are pleased to announce our next project in collaboration with Ram Records. 'Ram Reloaded' will be a series of limited 12" vinyl from Ram's early years, re-mastered from the original DATs and presented onto our usual, high quality, heavy weight vinyl.

* For their follow up to the anthemic ‘Valley of the Shadows’ two years earlier, Ant Miles and Andy C went back in the studio under their guise ‘Origin Unknown’. Firmly under the Jungle style of attack, Ant pushed the envelope and broke the mould on bass sounds, creating the first detuned wobble oscillating sine bass line. This bass effect would inspire other producers to emulate. With the famous vocal from President Nixon on the moon landing, ‘For one priceless moment, all the people on this Earth are truly one’, this track is one of the most cherished and globally appreciated tracks on the Ram roster to this day. For the B side, Andy C and Ant went on a haunting roller vibe complimenting the A side but retaining the space theme. The track features the Houston vocal ‘Mission control’ over the chopped up ‘Hot Pants’ drum break, starting and rewinding hit points to great effect.

In 1995, Shimon had purchased and set up his own studio around the corner in Hornchurch, and one evening went into a zone alongside Andy C. Taking the John F Kennedy vocal ‘As we continue the quest for peace’ and recreating his own wobble bass sound that Ant Miles had created for ‘Truly One’, this track hit home and smashed up all dancefloors and still does so to this day. For the second track, Shimon alongside Andy C once again broke with tradition and instead of a complimenting roller style, went on an Amen tear out dance floor smasher almost, or if not equalling the impact of the A side. This 12” cemented the partnership of Shimon and Andy C and prepared the way for later tracks such as ‘Terraform’ and ‘Body Rock’ that followed.

Promotion across chosen internet websites and Hardcore/Jungle 12” vinyl communities.

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