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Noise Factory - Vintage Vol #6


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Drum And Bass

Release: 18 Jul 2021 (back in)

This EP produced by Noise Factory in 1992 expresses the full on depths of Junglistic Hardcore at its best and these tracks being driven by the various elements of the sample patterns, typical Hardcore n Jungle Techno theme of the day that was changing the warehouse scene. The blending of the reggae, hip hop n r&b vocals interchanging with the various samples with that sweet sounding basslines thumping.

A.Futuriod - This track from 1992 comes from the iconic Capsule EP and was a game changer from day dot. With its strong reggae n rnb vocals n the rolling undercurrent basslines n various drum patterns up holding that hardcore jungle feel to the choon.

AA. Dance With The Speaker - This track from 1992 has some dominant basslines n with a 4/4 beat
riding the reggae n hip hop samples that were merging into what was being referred to as Jungle Techno that was taking the scene by storm with these banging drum patterns and sped up vocals

AAA. My Mind - This track also from 1992 is typical of the hardcore n jungle techno theme with rnb
vocals interchanging with the hardcore samples along side the heavy poppin basslines. This was the
early signs of jungle slowly taking its hold n causing waves from its popularity of these choons playing at the warehouses raves.

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