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Nero's Day at Disneyland - From Rotting Fantasylands (Green/White Vinyl)

Deathbomb Arc

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Format: LP
Catalogue No.: DBA270-CLR
Barcode: 0687700205975
Release Date: 30th July 2021
Genre: Electronic

After decades of composing and performing, Lauren Bousfield’s work only continues to evolve in otherworldly directions. There is one album though that listeners have returned to over and over again: ‘From Rotting Fantasylands'. Released under her now retired pseudonym Nero's Day At Disneyland, this is the work that first exposed Bousfield's unique approach in electronics to many of her dedicated fans. Elaborate compositions for keys are carried by the full gale force of a punk rock love for breakcore. Instinctual and intellectual. Unhinged and meticulously arranged. Like all great works of art, it is an album that defies contradiction to simply become its own wonderful thing. Now, for the first time ever, this important work will be released on vinyl. A limited edition run of 500 copies, all on purple/white blend vinyl with full color jackets, inserts, and inner sleeves ~ for a total of 6 panels of eye searing artwork by Andreas Barsleth.

TRACKLIST: 1. In Aisles 2. Civilizing People 3. No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments 4. Child Protective Services Theme Song 5. Charging Swarm Of Mouseketeers 6. Everything Must Go 7. Death Parade Feat. Kevin Shields 8. Action Winter Journey 9. Stretched Linen Over Contorted Bodies 10. Eulogy For Nick Galvas 11. In Keyed Fantasy 12. Probably End Up Dead In A Ditch Somewhere 13. Plumes Of ATM Sinew 14. Vengeance In Cloudland 15. Swarming Idiot Effigy

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