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Nectar - No Shadow

Lauren Records

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Format: LP
Catalogue No.: LR114LP
Barcode: 0682821170744
Release Date: 03 Jun 2022
Genre: Alternative

Nectar’s Kamila Glowacki spent four months painstakingly painting the album cover for No Shadow on canvas. A pink mirror re­ects the image of lemons posed directly in front of it as well as the unseen, empty space beyond. Flip over the record and you’ll ‑nd the tracklist printed on the back of the canvas, revealing the physical record itself to be a facsimile of Glowacki’s painting. Inspired by Dutch still life paintings, Glowacki describes the process as a meticulous labor of love that required her to “wring out every possible drop” of herself into the band’s latest release. No Shadow is two works in one, then: an album and a painting created in separate but parallel artistic processes, two mirror images in constant conversation with one another. No Shadow follows up Nectar’s 2018 full-length debut Knocking at the Door with ten tracks co-produced by Glowacki and Champaign-based composer and producer Andrew M Rodriguez. Recorded over the course of a year, No Shadow finds Glowacki at her most self-assured as a songwriter and vocalist. No Shadow’s title references the dual concepts of certainty and enlightenment. Evoking Plato’s allegory of the cave, Glowacki describes turning to face the sun and rejecting the false illusion of reality created by the darkness of depression.

1. Stay 2. Routine 3. Scab 4. Rocket 5. Unlucky Buddy 6. TMF 7. Unusual You 8. Ponytail 9. Lucky 10. Cold Walk

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