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Music by Bruno Coulais, Kila & AURORA - WolfWalkers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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Catalogue No.: 22DMUSIC7
Barcode: 3516628341410
Release Date: 5th March 2021
Genre: Soundtrack

Side A
WolfWalkers Theme
Running with the Wolves (WolfWalkers Version)

Wolf or Girl
I’m a WolfWalker
Howls the Wolf (Moll’s Song - Wolf Run Free)
Our Forest

Side B
What Are You Doing Here?
This Is Intolerable
Please Mummy
My Little Wolf
Our Victory
Follow Me
Mébh’s Tune
Robyn’s Tune

LP FORMAT DETAILS: Pressed on standard weight orange vinyl

FILM TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_Z_tybgPgg

PRIVATE LISTEN LINK: https://s.disco.ac/zrpqhsazzjfm

Moore's frequent collaborators, Bruno Coulais and Irish folk group Kíla, provided the film's original score, after having already worked on The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea.

This OST is the result of their collaboration, telling the story of an epic and enchanted journey led by a friendship amongst the forests and wolves in a time of superstition and magic.
In the cinema, the composer must go to meet the filmmakers, enter their world, but without giving up his own. This is the difficulty or the paradox of music for the image. By collaborating with directors from a wide variety of backgrounds, I think I have indirectly discovered a lot about myself. It helped me to progress, to explore territories that were not naturally mine. Cinema is a laboratory where I have sought to construct original orchestral formulas combining Corsican polyphonies, musicians from jazz, variety, classical, or even rappers. Like the world today, a fragmented world where all cultures mingle. So said Bruno Coulais, one of the most innovative composers of contemporary cinema, during the tribute paid to him in 2011 at the Cinémathèque de Paris

In 1978, Bruno Coulais, a young composer of concert works, discovered in film music a new means of expression, a way of bringing the demands of his writing to the masses. François Reichenbach, then Josée Dayan, Jacques Davila, Souleymane Cissé or Laurent Heynemann, first on television and then in the cinema, lead him of his own accord in the discovery of this new world.

In 1995, he composed the music for Microcosmos. This centimeter-scale initiatory journey offers him the opportunity to reveal the full dimension of his writing. He injects into his score a strange lyricism, between wonder and fantasy, confirming the lesson learned from François Reichenbach: "to any documentary image, music brings a part of fiction".

The success of Microcosmos established the musician and made him the indispensable composer of other natural tales, notably alongside Jacques Perrin (Le Peuple migrateur, Oceans, Les Saisons, etc.). Other long-term relationships will be forged, in particular with Benoît Jacquot, with whom he has worked for more than a decade, not to mention Frédéric Schoendoerffer, James Huth or Jean-Paul Salomé.

In addition to great popular successes such as Les Choristes, Brice de Nice or Sur La Piste Du Marsipulami, it is hardly surprising that this insatiable curiosity has found in the animated cinema the most inspiring playgrounds, in particular through his collaboration with two exceptional designers, Henry Selick and Tomm Moore.
The first, American director of The Nightmare Before Christmas produced by Tim Burton, invites Bruno Coulais to sign in 2009 the magnificent score of Coraline (film nominated for the Oscars). 10 years later, he is about to find him for a new and beautiful Wendell & Wild adventure. For Irishman Tomm Moore, Bruno Coulais has already composed the music for two Oscar-nominated films, The Secret of Kells (2009) and Song Of the Sea (2014), and in 2020 he will sign the score for Wolfwalkers.

Whether it is about author's films or more mainstream films, Bruno Coulais maintains the same standards, always considering his art as a window open to the world. Much less wise than it seems, he reveals in it a gift of a modern alchemist and a very personal way of mixing the most diverse cultures in universal harmony at work.

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