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Mr. Tophat - Dusk to Dawn part I

Junk Yard Con

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Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl
Catalogue No.: TE10011LP
Release Date: 19 Jul 2021
Genre: House / Nordic / Ambient


Karlovak related project from Mr Tophat who has a lot to tell about the release!! A beautiful triptych all build around field recordings molded into a lovely collection of lush tracks suited for the club and the ambient room! This is what Mr Tophat wants to share; " The first ideas of creating an actual album came in the spring of 2016, not long after the breakup from a long relationship. A dark time full of contemplation and re-evaluation of my life. That September I got the first sonic images. Right after a month I'd spent living on Ibiza. The powerful sunsets, the dramatic skies over the Balearic sea, the starlit nights and the beautiful sunrises. I remember swimming in the ocean with a view of a pretty horizon, filled with love and soft emotions. I remember I standing alone in the pitch black night, how I met the Mediterranean storm and heavy rain hit my cheeks. It felt as I was crying and screaming, even though there was noting but silence. The thunder lit up the cloudy sky like a stroboscope, to suddenly a few hours later with the turn of dawn bring everything into a calm and peaceful nature of sinus - like everything was reset. The fundamental state of mind to perceive a real world more like the unreal; mesmerise and tilt the present understanding of being alive made me scared. Dramatic and dynamic. Partly hard and treating but also soft, gentle and friendly. Horrifying but still so beautiful. This remind me of life, death, primal aspects and the biological processes in general. Everything started when my childhood friend Kalle and I first visited Berghain. It was 2008 and we where 18 years old. We had found each other being two individualists with our own nerdy interests. Together we plunged into them, Kalle in hairstyling, me in electronic dance music, computer games and cyber-punk. With borrowed ID's, platform shoes, blue-dyed hair and the idols form 'The Party Monster' we overdressed and started raving in the forests and clubbing in the city of Stockholm. Berlin and Berghain became a place we went and visited almost once a month during a two year period. The city in itself, and the club in particular, has been giving us so much inspiration, creativity and early on even a meaning of life. To this day Kalle still lives in Berlin together with his husband. Ever since those days I've always loved and felt a big passion for the rave- and club-scene. As a space where you can freak out, be yourself, queer and believe in hedonism. It shall and should be about freedom. I guess that's why the scene and the music attracted me. Something I've lately been thinking of is why do people often not dance when they go out? From that thought ideas were born and I started to create a body of music that would maybe work better for the concert hall or a theatre rather than a proper night club. If people want to go out and hear and enjoy dance music without moving their own bodies, then why not go out on a Thursday and sit down in a nice, soft chair and enjoy two hours of the highest class of contemporary music and stage art - dance? Because the past and our history is what the new and the contemporary is built upon. It moves my thoughts towards dance and the club scene. It all started with make-up, rave, ecstasy, angst, glamour and life. The turquoise sky and the coloured sea in peach were faded together into a seamless vision, the horizon was impossible to navigate; meanwhile the bright dusk was filled with hate, darkness and mayhem. Nature - so simple, but still so complex. My legacy is the night - Dusk to Dawn. Mr. Tophat"

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