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Mounika - I Need Space


  • £23.31
RELEASE DATE 3rd Jul 2020
Genres - Electronica/Dance

Track Listing
1. Intro (I'm Sorry)
2. Obli
3. Tender Love
4. 25h12
5. Ailleurs
6. Deep Water
7. Feeling Good
8. Roadsky
9. Soft you

New album of french trip-hop, downtempo producer Mounika.

Previous single "Cut My Hair" : 50 millions streams on Spotify / 20 millions on youtube

PR in the UK is Rap & Soul Promo. First single already on air on BBCs.

Mounika. returns this year with a new project on a base he particularly likes, that of electro chill.

Discreet by nature and himself surprised by this craze, Mounika. responds to himself by naming this new opus "I Need Space", as a nod to his previous album "How Are You". Listening to these 9 tracks, a dialogue is established between the artist and his inner self.

With there being no better way than to start at the beginning, 'Intro (I'm Sorry)' is a two and a half minute album foreword naturally aligning itself to infinite visual possibilities. For the first time, Mounika. distances himself from his usual creative process: the art of sampling. In Intro (I m sorry), it is himself who composes the piano melody and lays his voice on it, then inspired by a track by Chilly Gonzales.

Mounika. is seduced by this new way of composing and will even end up sticking to it for all the tracks on "I. Need Space", giving this project a very special flavour.

All except the track "Tender Love". The day after the discovery of Ocie Elliott's track "I Got You, Honey", he offered to re-release it. After a few reworked samples of which only Mounika knows the secret, "Tender Love" became one of the strong tracks of the "I Need Space" project.

Like a humble celebration in Mounika's own style, this dreamlike odyssey that is "I Need Space" ends smoothly on "Roadsky" and "Soft You", with a tempo flirting with deep house. He then sees in "I Need Space" a "transition" project towards other musical possibilities.

This Opus is a nostalgic, introspective and intense journey, taking us on a memory stroll, between happy memories and unfinished dreams...

In one image, Mounika's musical universe would be a rainy cloud which, between two rain showers, lets a summer sun shine through.

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