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Monkey Jhayam & Alien Dread - Roots Observations


  • £9

Format: CD
Catalogue No.: IRONCDEP014
Barcode: 667209415129 
Release Date: 10 Sep 2021
Genre: Roots Reggae / Dub

* In Brasil, with the rise of sound systems inspired by UK and JA sets, Monkey Jhayam was one of the first artists to express his art and also build a solid and prominent career through many Reggae sound systems in his country. Out of São Mateus, Monkey broke barriers and has been collaborating with producers from all over the world with his uplifting messages.
This release features an interpretation of the 70’s Roots classic,“Truths & Rights” (Johnny Osbourne) and also the 70’s Soul/Reggae classic, “Is It Because I’m Black” (Syl Johnson). Also featured is a 2021 revised Vs of “Great Old Men” (Kendrick Andy) and includes the Portuguese Vs. Rhythms: Alien Dread. The tracks also feature Alvin Davis (Hornz), Asha B (Congos & Percussion) with Rhythm/Lead Guitar from Steven ‘Marley’ Wright.

* CDEP Digipack Format.
* Produced by: Alien Dread at AD Studio Uk & Monkey Jhayam at Jungle Lord Studio, Brasil.
* Mixed by: Alien Dread at AD Studio. * Tracks will also be available on Download.
* Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6 (IRONEP 026-07) & 7, 9 (IRON 015-07) will also be available on 7” Vinyl.
* Promotional Video on You Tube. *Monkey Jhayam is a Major Reggae artist in Brasil.

* Press / Promotion: Main Facebook page, ISR Blog, ISR Web Site. Alien Dread/ISR-Facebook.
Soundcloud and other outlets.
* Radio / Internet: You Tube Video https://youtu.be/Ox0Kx2GaVck?t=4, ISR Web site, Rodigan-BBC. Bionic Steel, Reggae Portugal.
Black Country Radio (West Midlands). US: BTR-NY. Plus many other outlets, UK, JA, US etc;.
* Tracklist: 1. Truths & Rights. 2. Alvin Davis – Hornz Vs. 3. Alien Dread -Dub Vs. 4. Great Old Men (2021 Vs). 5. Alvin Davis – Hornz 2021 Vs. 6. Alien Dread – Dub 2021 Vs. 7. Is It Because I’m Black (Vs 2). 8. Alvin Davis – Hornz (Vs 2). 9. Alien Dread – Dub (Vs 2). 10. Great Old Men
(Portuguese Vs, Extd. 2021)

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