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MOMMA - Two Of Me (CD)

Danger Collective

  • £10.78
RELEASE DATE 5th Jun 2020
Genres - Rock

Track Listing
1. Bug House
2. Biohazard
3. Derby
4. Stringers
5. Double Dare
6. Carny
7. Ready Runner
8. Not a Runner
9. Roach Head
10. Habitat

The budding grunge four piece Momma has always relied on songwriters Etta Friedman (21) and Allegra Weingarten’s (22) symbiotic writing style and creative intuition. i remember the title, Two of Me, originally came from this creative day Etta and I were having together, Weingarten recalls. Etta said something like, Its crazy being alone with you is like being alone with myself. It references that feeling and encapsulates how we write together: a form of communication, where we’ll constantly switch off who is playing lead and who is playing rhythm guitar in the same song. Self-taught guitarists who grew up outside of Los Angeles, Friedman and Weingarten met by fate in high school and eventually began writing songs together. The pairs close friendship provided an open channel to create and experiment from a place of trust and joint experience. Inspired by songwriters like Kim Deal, Liz Phair, and Elliott Smith, the two developed a knack for dynamic song structure and gripping lyrics fused by a dulcet pop sensibility. Much like the two fish that depict Friedman and Weingartens birth sign, Pisces, the duo are locked in an infinite loop, constantly feeding off of one anothers musical ideas. Although the pair now live far from home and each other while finishing college in New York and New Orleans, Friedman and Weingarten have continued to write the same way they always have. For the past two years, during breaks between semesters, the two would assemble DIY west coast tours, open LA dates for bands like Gang of Four and Ian Sweet, and workshop new songs together at home. Decorated with bright interlocking guitars, confident harmonies, and vivid storytelling, the bands debut album Interloper and recent Apollo capture Friedman and Weingarten hitting a stride at the end of their adolescence, while establishing a sound and vision that the band continues to expand upon.

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