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Missing - Jimmy / Lavery's 93 Remix

Sub System Recordings

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Cat No: SSR005

Format: 10" Vinyl

Release Date: 22 June 2021 

Back in stock: 15 Mar 2023

Genre: Jungle / Drum & Bass

“Next we come on to Jimmy... if you go back to early 90’s there were a bunch of ‘name tracks’ in jungle; Johnny Jungle, Scottie and of course Ricky! R-I-C-K-Y!!!” Missing had been keen to bring back the names! I mean, who can forget their favourite ‘name’ track? Any time you hear that name said or shouted down the street you automatically started reciting that tune in your head. But the list of names was short, another one was needed, homage had to be paid, and a fresh name added to the exclusive collective." ‘Jimmy’ was born. Sam drops science “I often think that in the original jungle era we weren’t scared to drop in a leftfield sample, those quirky, whimsical touches often blew up and inspired others. We took from all genres of music, video games and definitely film and TV samples. Tracks had personality, even as far as having names! I wanted to bring that vibe back and also update the dark side vibe of ‘93. I had been searching for another name track inspiration but nothing had caught me. Then a few weeks into lockdown I found the perfect vocal snippet and ‘Jimmy’ was born. I gave a copy to Bailey who dropped it on his live sets including the Ram House Party and Mixcloud sets. He pulled up a rewind and gave a little reminder to the listeners about Johnny, Scottie and Ricky which was a great accolade. I was well happy. Anyway, the inspiration for the track was from the 90’s era but the track had crisp modern beats so it definitely made sense to have it reimagined into a traditional jungle style banger. Enter Lavery... Tom Lavery is too young to have experienced the darkside era first time around but he is definitely one of the top producers in the scene championing the 90’s jungle and hardcore sound. He was already on my radar for a remix on Sub System and I really wanted him to remix this tune and thankfully he agreed. I have to say he certainly came correct on this one, channelling the Soul Pride break used in Scottie adding sliced up Amen vibes into a fresh darkside smasher. Brutal and it's 1993 all over!”

a1. Missing - Jimmy (Lavery's 93 Remix)
b1. Missing - Jimmy

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