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&ME - In Your Eyes


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Format: 12" Vinyl
Catalogue No.: PAMPA032 
Barcode: 4260544825668 
Release Date: 13 Oct 2023
Genre: Electronic/House 

* 2023 Repress

* Do you know what [me it is? It's debut o'clock. Emi}ng his first material for Pampa, it's &ME - cra`sman of all things deep and sturdy, at the same [me connoisseur of emo[ve touch and virtuoso of sure ins[ncts, one of the scene's central characters for a good amount of years now and one of the main figures of Berlin's Keinemusik-crew. The man has been hi}ng the bulls eye of public percep[on several [mes in the past, mee[ng everything it takes to get a crowd going with an intent on the detail when it comes to his arrangements and sound. These new two cuts seem nothing less than the essence of his abili[es.

There is "In Your Eyes", the name lending A side to this EP, showcasing a rather pensive mood. It's just a few bars for the compound of kickdrum, tuned hi-hat tambourine and shimmering background noise un[l the first chords of an improvised piano-piece are tenderly laid upon the beat. Add a synth-mo[ve coming back and forth and you'll have the main ingredients to this - in every sense of the word - floormoving tune. Accordingly, the arrangement won't aim for an all too obvious sensa[onalism and rather opts for a flowing and intertwining call and response of its elements, ul[mately resul[ng in a staggering impact anyway.

In comparison, "As Above So Below" on the flipside is adding a fair amount of emphasis. It unfolds in a dry and dense sounding beat-architecture that's suspensepacked with shaker sounds and subtextual field recordings. Most certainly, a slipproof ground for this tune's centre-piece, a scale-riding synthbass sparking an almost anthemic trigger for floor-ecstasy. While details like subtle reverbera[ng tapping and sparkling ambient textures sound like recorded deep down in a dripstone cave, the overall energe[c layout pushes relentlessly to the heights of peak[megrandeur. There you have it: "As Above So Below" - this tune works on every level.

* Tracklist:
A. In your eyes 09:41min
B. As above so below 08:02 min

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