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Metal Blade Records

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Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl
Catalogue No.: 160161
Barcode: 039841601619
Release Date: 13 May 2022
Genre: Industrial Metal

There are few truly unique musical artists, but the music made by Master Boot Record arguably exists in a category of its own. "The main elements include chiptune, demoscene & video game music, thrash/death metal and some black metal as well as classical and symphonic patterns and progressive structures," explains sole progenitor and mastermind Master Boot Record (MBR for short). "But everything is programmed and done with synthesizers." The result, influenced as much by classical baroque music, bay area thrash metal, and Commodore 64 games, is a frenzied mashup of what logic suggests should be disparate sounds, but in the hands of MBR make sense, taking the listener in unexpected and always thrilling directions, smashing through genre walls. 100% Synthesized, 100% Dehumanized.

1. 8086
2. 80186
3. 80286
4. 80386
5. 80386SX
6. 80486
7. 80486DX
8. 80486SX
9. 80586
10. 80686

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