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Marcin Pietruszewski - The New Pulsar Generator Recordings


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Cat: FCY0003
Format: CD & Booklet
Release Date: October 2020
Genre: Experimental/Electronic

1. modulator (mOPulWM)
2. tnpgr (shifting(glissement) a)
3. tnpgr (shifting(glissement) b -_ f[-y]fa))
4. tnpgr (shifting(glissement) modulator)
5. tnpgr (shifting(glissement) (f -_ _f_))
6. nupggendy3modulatorDistCauchy (srewdrivers) view
7. phase inverted wg'lett
8. nupggendy3modulatorDistHyperbcos_(interlacings)
9. nupggendy3modulatorLinatt_(diagrammatic cuts)
10. tnpgr (shifting(glissement) (x -_ x[-fff][+fff]fx))
11. sieveSequence(ggg)
12. sieveSequence(001)
13. sieveSequence_(002)
14. sieveSequence(003)
15. PSRson(forJBB)

Composer Marcin Pietruzewski presents a set of recordings made using his new implementation of the classic computer music software Pulsar Generator. Pulsar Generator defined the sound of radical computer music through the 2000s but the software was never widely available and cannot be run on modern computers. Marcin’s expanded New Pulsar Generator includes synthesis methods by Xenakis and data sonificiation techniques that allow for the generation of never before-heard timbres and sound transformations. The pieces on this album use this inherently digital technique, the principles of psychoacoustics and otoacoustic emissions to break the boundary between discrete and continuous sound, criss-crossing perceptual time spans while altering and remodelling spatial coordinates.

Expertly mastered by Russell Haswell, the CD is accompanied with a text by Curtis Roads delineating the historical and aesthetic contexts of pulsar synthesis. Packaging design by Joe Gilmore features text manipulations by Florian Hecker, printed in two colour separations, metallic silver and black.
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