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Manuel Fischer - Black Belt Academy 3

Ozelot LTD

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Cat No: OZED006
Format: 12" EP
Genre: IDM, Bass, Techno
Release Date: October 2020

After releasing his debut album „Roadkill Grill in Novosibirsk” on Asquithʼs Lobster Theremin imprint last year, Manuel Fischer returns to his very own label Ozelot, to take care of unfinished business. What has been started together with label mate Prioleau on the EP “Bassline Providerz 1” comes full circle one year later with Fischer taking sole control on “Bassline Providerz 3”. The Zurich-based labelʼs sixth release completes yet another trilogy, after the Black Belt Academy series that ran from 2017 to 2018, and marks an end and a beginning alike: from this point on, there will be no more trilogies, which opens up a whole lot of other exciting possibilities for the label. New artists, new concepts, new ideas. Moving forward, a more fluid approach allows to aptly react to all the inspiring things that are out there. Ozelot Ltd. unlimits itself, if you want.

Perfectly executed in house tempo and with enough going on to transcend mere tool- status. Let me put it this way: you will recognize a roller when you hear one. “Doomsday Preppers” shares the A-side with “Dark Shark”, its slightly more nervous- sounding sibling that makes use of a complex drum pattern and a memorable melody youʼll might catch yourself whistling after listening. Finishing off the EP is “Barking Shiba in Shibuya”, a trance-informed hymn that launches into space and does not (want to) make an effort to come down again until the very end. With “Bassline Providerz 3”, Manuel Fischer crafts three strong arguments for the dancefloor.

In June 2020, at a time where clubs are still closed and the opportunity to dance is limited to oneʼs own home, he reminds us of better times that were and better times that will be. These three cuts will make you want to get down to business.

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