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Mal-One - It’s All Punk Rock [CD]

Punk Art

  • £9.86

Format: CD
Catalogue No.: MALONECD001
Barcode: 5060135763053 
Release Date: 15 Oct 2021
Genre: Punk

Includes one-sided 7” ('It's All Punk (Full version)”, signed and blind stamped limited edition print, fly poster (20cm x 30cm), 20 page 12” x 12” booklet with lyrics and photos laid out in style of newspaper.

The ‘It’s All Punk Rock’ album was initially inspired by various artworks Punk Artist Mal-One had completed and titled. These titles usually turned into Punk Poetry / Lyrics and finally into songs. The idea would lead to grouping these songs together and to add the additional difficult cherry on the top. The songs would also include the word ‘Punk’ in each of their titles. Creating what we called the first Punk Art Concept Album. The title of the album as well as summing up the contents, grew from a term Mal-One had used for years when asked what had inspired a certain work or what was the meaning behind something …”It’s All Punk Rock”’ would be the quick reply.

Each song tells the story or relates the ideas behind a work, whether that be 430 King’s Road (where Punk meets Rock ’N’ Roll) the story of the various guises that Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood would conceive for their shop from LET IT ROCK, TOO FAST TO LIVE TOO YOUNG TO DIE, SEX, SEDTIONARIES. Anarchy Tour After Grundy (Punks out on Parole) the story of the `Anarchy Tour’ and what happened after the infamous appearance by the Sex Pistols on the ‘Today’ show with Bill Grundy. Punk Rock Jubilee 77, the Silver Jubilee celebrations of 1977 and its punk overtones. The Punk Rockers Gig Prayer, a Punk poem for the various venues that bands played back in those heady times. The Last Punk on Portobello Road (Ode to Joe), a lament to Mr Joe Strummer an inspiration to us all. Yes, every picture as they say tells a story, in this case never a truer word spoken.

Hope you enjoy the ride sonically and visually.

1.It’s All Punk Rock (part 1) (0.58)
2.430 King’s Road (where punk meets Rock‘n’Roll) (2.34)
3.Kiss Me Punk (TILL MY MOUTH GETS NUMB) (2.19)
4.The Class of ‘76 (Punk Year Zero) (2.51)
5.Punk Badge (1.24)
6.Anarchy Tour After GrundY (Punks Out On Parole) (4.04)
7.Never Mind The Punk 45 (2.32)
8.A Punky Night In Soho (2.48)
9.Punk Rock Jubilee 77 (2.24)
10.All You Need Is Punk (4.24)
11.Punk Times (2.17)
12.The Punk Rockers Gig Prayer (0.42)
13.Flogging Punk Rock (1.18)
14.ALL ABOARD THE Punk Rock Express (3.13)
15.The Last Punk On Portobello Road (Ode To Joe) (2.53)
16.It’s All Punk Rock (part 2) (0.57)
17.It’s All Punk Rock (FULL VERSION) (4.57)

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