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Machinefabriek - Re:Moving (Music for Choreographies by Yin Yue)

Geist im Kino / Phantom Limb

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Format: CD
Catalogue No.: KINO5
Barcode: 5029385862190
Release Date: 10 Sep 2021
Genre: Experimental / Electronic

Acclaimed electronic musician Machinefabriek produces two beautiful contemporary dance scores for award-winning choreographer Yin Yue, released on Phantom Limb’s soundtrack label Geist im Kino.

Machinefabriek - Rotterdam-based musician and designer Rutger Zuydervelt - describes his newest record Re:Moving (Music for Choreographies by Yin Yue) as “an album with a bittersweet taste.” The two pieces that make up the album were scheduled for dance performances ultimately cancelled by COVID, leaving Zuydervelt’s soundtracks, for all of their elegance, beauty and emotional gravity, without an audience. After lengthy conversation, Zuydervelt and NYC-based Yin Yue agreed that the music, even without the choreography that birthed it, deserves to be heard. And thus, accompanying the stunning artistry of the scores comes a reminder of the cruel realities of a world gripped by pandemic.

Even before commissioning Machinefabriek for original music, Yin Yue was a fan. She has used his work for performances and classes, drawing a clear thread between Zuydervelt’s advanced, unusual sonics and love of nonstandard rhythms with her own highly inventive choreography and acute understanding of bodily movement. After trading videos of choreographic sketches and “numerous Skype calls,” Yue and Zuydervelt eventually set out on their first collaborative project, A Measurable Existence, originally planned for premiere by New York’s Gibney Company in April 2020. The piece reflects the discovery of self by interaction with others - an unintentionally prescient irony given its lockdown-enforced cancellation. “It’s about parallel journeys that intersect, repel or collide. The dance doesn’t shy away from drama, and the music doesn’t either,” Zuydervelt writes. His score begins with a staticky thunderstorm of synthesis, glitching rain drizzling around electrified stabs and cracks that eventually yield a pounding rhythm. “Gibney Company dancers Jesse Obremski and Jacob Thoman’s powerful performance is matched by a driving and cinematic soundtrack, resulting in a compelling immersive trip.” he tells us. The thunderstorm gives way to shimmering, yearning sunlight before turning again to darkness for a thumping middle section of scorched drums and brooding industrial simmer. The intensity eventually, finally, lets up for a warped VHS coda, all bleary and warbling with faded chords.

Second track “Re:Moving” was created in the same period. Aspen Santa Fe Ballet commissioned Yue for a new original piece in early 2020, and Zuydervelt signed on as composer immediately after. Violin and viola by Zuydervelt’s regular collaborator Anne Bakker elevates the piece’s early pitchblack sonics to transcendent elegy, before it settles into a cavernous chamber of haunting squarewave echoes. “My hope was to take the listener to the places Yin envisioned,” Zuydervelt explains. “Both Yin and I hold hope the piece will be produced and performed, one day.”

Yin Yue writes: “Working with Rutger was a smooth, creative and inspirational experience. Before we officially work with each other, I have already searched and loved many of his tracks and used them for my teaching and creative rehearsals. Rutger's composition connects to my movement and choreography. The tracks offer wonderfully thickened environments and spaces for movement to flow and grow. When I had offered the opportunity to work with the musician for original scores, I thought of Rutger. The collaboration for Gibney Dance was absolutely incredible. It was a true collaboration between physical movement and musical composition, where the two had conversations, editing each other while finding new inspiration that neither thought was there.”

Yin Yue is the leader of the Yin Yue Dance Company, a contemporary dance ensemble based in New York. The company boasts touring credits in China and Germany, and has presented works at various international dance festivals, including schrit_tmacher Festival, SummerStage, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival Inside Out, New York International Fringe Festival, Open Door Dance Festival in Iowa City, The Wave Rising Series, DUMBO DANCE Festival, The Current Sessions, Dancenow [NYC] and many more.

Machinefabriek has released numerous records, collaborations and special projects over his fifteen year career. He has worked alongside Richard Skelton, Peter Broderick, Andrea Belfi and Michel Banabila among many others.

Twitter https://twitter.com/machinefabriek
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MachinefabriekPage/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rutgerzuydervelt/

OTHER ACTIVITY: https://www.phantom-limb.co.uk/ - https://www.facebook.com/p.limb.music/

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